About Us

Romax is the world's leading provider of engineering and technology solutions for transport and wind turbine drivetrain design, simulation, testing and monitoring.

The world is changing –  the demand for energy efficiency means that drivetrains need to more reliable, faster, designed with better accuracy and these systems need to be tightly controlled, power dense and efficient.  



At Romax Technology we work on wide range of different, global projects, interfacing with and involving many different partners from many different industries. Funding for projects comes from public bodies, commercial organizations and Romax’s own internal investment.

We heavily invest in our R&D recognising that the only way to change the way drivelines operate and reduce carbon is to get the new technologies implemented in real life in order to engineer a better world. 

With this in mind, our projects are closely aligned to the needs of industry, hence many are funded directly by commercial, rather than governmental, organizations. This smooths the transition from research idea to commercial outcome, via

 Romax’s software suite or Romax’s engineering services.