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Romax InSight Educates and Informs the Wind Industry at the 2nd Annual Technical Symposium

InSight’s Second Annual Technical Symposium took place this September in Breckenridge, Colorado. The exclusive event gathered reliability engineers, asset managers and O&M directors to discuss efforts to mitigate drivetrain reliability issues at their wind projects and reduce the cost of unplanned OPEX.

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Engineering Consultancy,Finance and Due Diligence

Electrical damage to rolling element bearings

The root cause of generator bearing failure is often electrical erosion. Why does this phenomenon happen? How can it be detected? And what can be done to prevent it?

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Engineering Consultancy

Vibration Based Life - Reducing the Cost of Failures

Your condition monitoring team has let you know that an asset has a likely axial crack on an intermediate stage bearing and the vibration trend is increasing. You inspect the bearing and there is indeed damage…what next?

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

Implementing Fleet Monitor Realizes Substantial Net Gain for Cannon Power Group

A financial study of implementing predictive maintenance revealed a $1.2m net benefit for Cannon Power due to improved repair scheduling, reduced down time and avoidance of the cost of catastrophic failures.

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

Early-stage detection of faults in main bearings and gearboxes

Tools and methods to create component specific health index trends to maximize the lead time between first fault detection and required site action

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

New release of Fleet Monitor software brings big improvements in alarm workflow and SCADA analysis

Announcing the release of Fleet Monitor 2.2, the latest version of our hardware-brand-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

RomaxRepair and Kruger Case Study

RomaxRepair solves the uncertainty of planning unscheduled repairs and provides significant O&M cost savings to Kruger Energy

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

End of Warranty Best Practices: A Data Driven Approach

A recent article about how state of the art inspection tools and advanced vibration analysis can help owners maximise the benefit from an EOW inspection campaign

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Field Services

Features of Fleet Monitor 2.1: Trending and Report Tools

Clever tools to maximise collaboration between wind farm site and monitoring staff

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

How the Internet of Things influences Predictive Maintenance

The Internet of Things (IoT) philosophy is key for the new generation of predictive maintenance technology with lower cost data collection and shared database structures

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

There are 13 items on 2 pages.