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Romax InSight Educates and Informs the Wind Industry at the 2nd Annual Technical Symposium

InSight’s Second Annual Technical Symposium took place this September in Breckenridge, Colorado. The exclusive event gathered reliability engineers, asset managers and O&M directors to discuss efforts to mitigate drivetrain reliability issues at their wind projects and reduce the cost of unplanned OPEX.

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Engineering Consultancy,Finance and Due Diligence

Electrical damage to rolling element bearings

The root cause of generator bearing failure is often electrical erosion. Why does this phenomenon happen? How can it be detected? And what can be done to prevent it?

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Engineering Consultancy

30-years of Wind Turbine Gearbox Evolution – from the late 80’s to present

Understanding the design changes that allowed wind turbine gearboxes to increase in power rating while meeting turbine OEM demands for reliable components that are lightweight and cost competitive.

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy,Engineering Design

Understanding Serial Failures in Wind Turbines

Getting into the nuts and bolts about failures in bearings in wind turbines

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

When is 20 year gearbox life not 20 years?

Many wind turbine gearboxes have a design life of 20 years. However, a great number of gearboxes don’t last for 20 years and fail prematurely… so why the discrepancy?

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy,Engineering Design

How to model O&M costs and evaluate the cost impact of serial failures

O&M costs for wind farms are difficult to predict and can vary significantly between wind farms and turbine technologies. O&M cost is by far the least predictable factor in a wind farm’s operating expenditure (OPEX) and investors are demanding more accurate predictions.

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy,Finance and Due Diligence

Turbine Technology Assessment: Managing Risks During Development and Construction

A recent article about how in depth turbine technology assessments scan help reduce the uncertainty and impacts arising from newer technologies during the development and construction stages of a wind farm’s life cycle.

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

Romax and NREL’s Next Generation Drivetrain – Part 3: Disassembly Results

New planetary journal bearings exceed performance expectations

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

Developing Solutions for Failing Pitch Bearings on Wind Turbines

The wind industry has a lot of issues with the pitch (or blade) bearing on wind turbines. Romax InSight is working to understand root causes and find solutions

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

Romax and NREL's GRC Gearbox 3 - Part 1: Design and Assembly

The redesigned GRC Gearbox 3 is built and ready for testing at NREL

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

There are 13 items on 2 pages.