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Romax InSight Educates and Informs the Wind Industry at the 2nd Annual Technical Symposium

InSight’s Second Annual Technical Symposium took place this September in Breckenridge, Colorado. The exclusive event gathered reliability engineers, asset managers and O&M directors to discuss efforts to mitigate drivetrain reliability issues at their wind projects and reduce the cost of unplanned OPEX.

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Engineering Consultancy,Finance and Due Diligence

How to model O&M costs and evaluate the cost impact of serial failures

O&M costs for wind farms are difficult to predict and can vary significantly between wind farms and turbine technologies. O&M cost is by far the least predictable factor in a wind farm’s operating expenditure (OPEX) and investors are demanding more accurate predictions.

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy,Finance and Due Diligence

Buying Wind Assets at the End of Production Tax Credits

Assets reaching the end of the PTC over the next 18 months will need consideration of the technical uncertainty on financial risk

CATEGORY: Finance and Due Diligence

There are 3 items on 1 pages.