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New release of Fleet Monitor software brings big improvements in alarm workflow and SCADA analysis

Announcing the release of Fleet Monitor 2.2, the latest version of our hardware-brand-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

RomaxRepair and Kruger Case Study

RomaxRepair solves the uncertainty of planning unscheduled repairs and provides significant O&M cost savings to Kruger Energy

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

Features of Fleet Monitor 2.1: Trending and Report Tools

Clever tools to maximise collaboration between wind farm site and monitoring staff

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

How the Internet of Things influences Predictive Maintenance

The Internet of Things (IoT) philosophy is key for the new generation of predictive maintenance technology with lower cost data collection and shared database structures

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

Launched: Affordable and Effective CMS

A new paradigm for wind turbine condition monitoring: it’s affordable!

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Field Services

Data-Driven Main Bearing Maintenance Strategies

A recent article about technology for extending the life of main bearings through predictive maintenance

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring

Statistics from Condition Monitoring of 283 Wind Turbines for 3000 Operating Months

Metrics on failure types and rates of detections and lead time before failure

CATEGORY: Field Services

Features of Fleet Monitor 2.1

Using Cloud based technology to integrate monitoring data sources into one efficient and effective platform

CATEGORY: Condition Monitoring,Field Services

Sharing Experiences for Rotating Machinery Problems from around the Globe

Welcome to the Romax InSight Blog!

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

There are 9 items on 1 pages.