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How to model O&M costs and evaluate the cost impact of serial failures

O&M costs for wind farms are difficult to predict and can vary significantly between wind farms and turbine technologies. O&M cost is by far the least predictable factor in a wind farm’s operating expenditure (OPEX) and investors are demanding more accurate predictions.

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy,Finance and Due Diligence

Developing Solutions for Failing Pitch Bearings on Wind Turbines

The wind industry has a lot of issues with the pitch (or blade) bearing on wind turbines. Romax InSight is working to understand root causes and find solutions

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

Root Cause Analysis White Paper

Two failures and discussion on their root cause

CATEGORY: Engineering Consultancy

Industry Challenges from Wind Turbine Pitch Bearings

Video about current challenges of failing pitch bearings

CATEGORY: Engineering Design

There are 4 items on 1 pages.