End of Warranty Best Practices: A Data Driven Approach

Vibration based health assessments provide significant added value to an End of Warranty (EOW) inspection campaign by detecting damaged components that can easily be missed by an inspection only campaign.

A data-driven approach assists asset managers to achieve:

  • Cost savings on the volume of gearbox and main bearing inspections
  • Greater coverage for identifying damage
  • Additional evidence for warranty claims
  • Trending of early damage during extended warranty coverage
  • Peace of mind that no claims are missed

In a recent article we discuss how this vibration assessment and Field Pro, the mobile service inspection app, are transforming the EOW inspection process.

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Advanced detection algorithms detected an IMS Bearing Fault prior to completing the gearbox EOW inspection, resulting in a targeted inspection that documented an axial crack on the inner race of IMS B inner race.



Field Pro

Visit our microsite to see how our mobile solution, Field Pro, redefines wind turbine services and inspections.

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Streamlining End of Warranty Inspections for EDF Renewable Energy using Field Pro

Case Study

Streamlining End of Warranty Inspections for EDF Renewable Energy using Field Pro

Romax InSight's service and inspection app - Field Pro has been successfully implemented by EDF Renewable Services (EDF RS) and served as a guide through the End of Warranty (EoW) …

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Turbine Inspections

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Turbine Inspections

Gearbox and main bearing inspections, full scope end of warranty inspections, QAQC inspections and manufacturing facility inspections/audits, worldwide.

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