Concept and Detailed Design

Reduce time to market and bring down costs from concept to production, with the ability to assess and understand a wider range of design and concepts and minimize risk

We can help you solve your issues and achieve your aims through:


  • Initial studies to determine best concepts and feasibility
  • Fast and accurate assessment of multiple drivetrain concepts and layouts
  • Initial component selection and design including gears and bearings
  • Review of specifications, interfaces and gearbox packaging constraints
  • Benchmaking existing products
  • System-level analysis to judge suitability of different concepts

Case study in Concept Design

Romax Wind Energy

Requirement: design wind turbine drivetrain and study scalability to 10MW

Services provided: we were engaged to size and compare drivetrain concepts to enable our client to select appropriate technology for next-generation turbine development. Assessing technical risks, cost of energy and manufacturing limits for each concept, we enabled the client to make a genuinely informed choice of drivetrain layout.

Requirement: design a new transmission system for a marine application

Services provided: we were engaged by a client to provide Feasibility Studies for parallel, planetary and perpendicular gear types, as well as Concept Design selection, comparing bearing concepts and studying system packaging. We identified a number of designs that met the client's requirements, and would fit inside the existing vessel hull in a short period of time.

Case study in Concept Design

Romax transmission system for a marine application

Create optimized designs for greater durability, vibration and efficiency - and reduced prototype testing - through a combination of experienced engineers, our intellectual property and powerful simulations



  • Supply detailed models and drawings
  • Bespoke transmission design: from first concepts to prototype production
  • Modify existing transmission for new applications
  • Understand end customer requirements to fully develop design specifications
  • Detailed analysis and optimization leading to preparation of production drawings
  • Static and fatigue finite element analysis (FEA) of structural components


Case study in Detailed Design and Certification

Romax wind energy

Requirement: wind turbine gearbox design and development

Services provided: enabling more than 36 gearbox and drivetrain designs with certification. We developed and delivered a best practice design process for fast right-first-time results. By 2016 more than 1500 of Romax-designed gearboxes will have been shipped.

Requirement: design new manual transmission for GM Korea

Services provided: design services from concept to prototype drawings, UK prototyping with testing by a Romax Partner, support for rig and vehicle testing. All targets met for gearbox development, and the transmission was produced in volumes of more than one million units per annum.

Case study in Detailed Design

Romax - transmission case study