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Fleet Monitor - advanced software for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

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What is Fleet Monitor?

Fleet Monitor is a unique hardware-brand-independent software platform for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Your monitoring engineers can diagnose reliability problems quickly and effectively using the Fleet Monitor web application, analysing data from vibration CMS, SCADA, lubrication analysis, inspection and maintenance reports, all within a single software platform.

Fleet Monitor modules range from dashboard views for top level alarms and trends, through to detailed vibration analysis tools for the expert analyst.

With users and wind farms monitored around the world, Fleet Monitor is proven to save you money and improve O&M planning.

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Hardware-brand-independent software

Wind turbines around the world are connected to Fleet Monitor. Fleet Monitor interfaces seamlessly with your existing CMS hardware and wind turbine SCADA systems, no matter which vendor you may use.


World class monitoring services

Romax continuously analyses vibration and SCADA data from many gigawatts of assets worldwide. We provide routine condition monitoring services for a large number of global operators and utilities from our Monitoring Centres around the world using Fleet Monitor software.

Fleet Monitor makes our monitoring engineers' jobs easier, and their feedback improves the software on a daily basis.

Why is the software so good? Because we use it monitor a huge number of turbines every day and continuously improve and refine it. Why is the reporting so good? Because we have to generate a large quantity of reports every month and we streamlined the whole workflow so that all the engineers' comments and recommendations are accurately communicated through the software.

Typical monitoring services include:

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Drive better O&M decisions from your Big Data 

You gather huge amounts of data from your assets but making an informed decision is still very difficult. Fleet Monitor finally enables you to make effective O&M decisions based on the health of your assets - reducing risk and proven to save signficant cost and time.

Fleet Monitor collects data from many systems into a single software platform and presents organised information to drive better O&M decisions. 

Trying to run a site based on standalone software tools and countless PDF reports is not good. Fleet Monitor pulls data from third-party CMS, SCADA databases - whether machine-specific systems or from a central historian such as an OSIsoft Pi database - particle counters, lubrication analysis and maintenance/inspection data.


Introduction to Fleet Monitor Software

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