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Case Studies

Fleet Monitor examples and customer testimonials

Case Study 1: Main bearing fault detection and grease flushing

Turbine type: Siemens 2.3 MW
CMS type: Gram & Juhl TCM
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Gearbox type: Winergy 4456


Romax InSight monitored this wind farm using Fleet Monitor and detected a main bearing fault, 17 months before the repair took place.

4 months after initial detection, an inspection was performed and confirmed damage to the bearing - in this case moderate macropitting.

Following the inspection, the main bearing grease was flushed to extend the bearing's life. After the flushing, the vibration health index stopped increasing so rapidly and the bearing continued to run without significant deterioration.

Romax InSight continued to monitor this turbine closely. Shortly before the repair operation, the main bearing health index increased significantly and the turbine was stopped, preventing catastrophic damage.


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Main bearing inspection confirmed macropitting


Case Study 2: Offshore monitoring for Centrica

Turbine type: 129 x Siemens 3.6 MW
CMS type: Gram & Juhl TCM
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Gearbox type: Winergy 3541
Wind farms: Lincs, Lynn & Inner Dowsing
Location: UK Offshore

Centrica Energy are a multi-national energy business with revenues of over £27.9 billion. Tom Kent, Senior Wind Turbine Engineer from Centrica Energy, had to say:


All our offshore turbines are monitored by Romax for vibration issues. This is about ensuring smooth running and optimising the life cycle of valuable equipment.”
"Romax provides a complete solution for both identifying potential issues and enabling focused remedial action... Romax provides technical insights to guide our investigations, to ensure turbines operate more reliably and have an extended lifespan: we can better protect and leverage our investments.”
“Romax helps us to understand and control rising O&M costs."


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Case Study 3: Planet bearing fault detection

Turbine type: Vestas V80 2 MW
CMS type: ecoCMS by Romax InSight
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Gearbox type: Hansen/ZF EH804A


Romax InSight's ecoCMS systems were retrofitted to a wind farm in North America and monitored using Fleet Monitor software. A clear indication of a planet bearing fault was detected in Fleet Monitor and the wind farm operator was alerted by InSight's monitoring team. 

The Fleet Monitor screenshot opposite shows clearly the difference between the fault signature on the unhealthy turbine compared with that from a healthy neighbouring turbine.

Other CMS software is notoriously weak at detecting planet bearing faults, partly due to the complex and continuously changing vibration path, along with the slow speed of rotation, requiring appropriate sampling parameters and signal processing. Fleet Monitor is proven to excel at detecting these faults.


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 Planet bearing fault analysis in Fleet Monitor


ecoCMS installed on the Vestas V80 drivetrain




A Romax engineer installing InSight's Portable Vibration System (PVS)

Case Study 4: EDF Renewable Services end of warranty

Turbine type: 87 x GE 1.85 MW
CMS type: Portable Vibration System (PVS) by Romax InSight
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Wind farm: Spinning Spur II, Texas, USA

Romax InSight provided vibration analysis using Fleet Monitor and portable vibration measurement equipment to support End of Warranty claims.

Mike Cookson, Mechanical Drives Engineer from EDF Renewable Services, said:


"We chose Romax because of its software expertise and impressive technologies. The expertise offered by Romax staff is particularly impressive"
"Romax seemed the obvious choice because of its vast experience in condition monitoring and extensive array of current projects."
"We know in advance which machines are going to require maintenance."


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Case Study 5: Blade bolts failure

Turbine type: Siemens 2.3 MW
CMS type: Gram & Juhl TCM
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor


Vibration CMS is not just for the drivetrain. Through good signal processing and appropriate sampling parameters, any fault that causes gross imbalance of the rotor can be detected by sensors on the main bearing and bedplate. For example, blade pitch error or blade mass imbalance can both be detected in this way using Fleet Monitor.

The images opposite show a series of blade bolts that had sheared. Vibration was monitored using Fleet Monitor and was seen to increase significantly, indicating a sudden increase in rotor imbalance. The wind farm owner inspected the blades and pitch system, and consequently changed the broken blade bolts. The maintenance report is stored in Fleet Monitor, and can be viewed alongside the vibration trend to quickly interpret why the vibration level changed and to understand what activities occurred on the site.

Teardown inspection of sheared blade bolts, detected using Fleet Monitor


Case Study 6: Main bearing severe macropitting

Turbine type: GE 1.5 MW
CMS type: ecoCMS by Romax InSight
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Gearbox type: Winergy 4410


Fleet Monitor is well proven in detecting main bearing problems. This example is from a GE 1.5 MW turbine in North America with InSight's ecoCMS installed, and shows a particularly severe example of macropitting. Inspection confirmed the extent of the damage.

Fleet Monitor allows the user to overlay multiple plots and make better conclusions from multiple sets of data. In this case, overlaying the vibration trend (in blue) with the main bearing temperature trend (in green) showed clearly that the main bearing damage was indeed developing over time. The temperature increase in this example lagged behind the vibration trend by several months, demonstrating the extra lead time that vibration CMS offers for many main bearing faults.




Main bearing macropitting confirmed by inspection


Fleet Monitor showing an IMS bearing vibration trend rise over 15 months and return to normal after repair


IMS bearing damage detected by Fleet Monitor and confirmed by Romax InSight inspection

Case Study 7: Kruger Energy

Turbine type: 88 x Siemens 2.3 MW
CMS type: Gram & Juhl TCM
Monitoring software: Fleet Monitor
Gearbox type: Winergy 4456
Wind farm: Port Alma & Chatham Wind Farm
Location: Ontario, Canada

Romax InSight has been providing condition montioring services to Kruger Energy's Port Alma & Chatham wind farm since 2014, including Fleet Monitor software for Kruger's team. With the wind farm moving to a hybrid self-perform/OEM service model, Kruger needed 'shadow monitoring' and life extension services in order to reduce the cost of failures.

J.J. Davis, Regional Manager at Kruger Energy, said:


“Romax provides clear and concise reporting that delivers early warning and damage trending for drivetrain component failures, enabling us to gain an increased understanding of the condition of our fleet."
"It’s typical of Romax to provide us 6-12 months warning on a developing failure in the main bearing and gearbox, with rarely a false call.”
"Transparent tracking of main bearings condition helps my planning tremendously.”


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