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Features and Technical Specifications

Fleet Monitor software

Step 1 - log in



Each user gets an individual login. Various user levels can be set to allow permissions and access rights for different users.

The fleet view



See an overview of all wind farms in the fleet. Each wind farm displays a simple notification of the number of red and yellow alarms, and users can see a live feed of updates and notifications such as new alarms or comments added by colleagues on the right hand side of this screen.

The dashboard



From this dashboard, the user can see an overview of all turbines in a wind farm, along with their alarm status and a summary of all the alarms currently active for the site.

All Romax InSight's monitoring service customers use this dashboard to keep track of any current alarms on their turbines, as well as seeing and responding to live comments from the Romax monitoring team.

Trends and health indices



View high level trends indicating the progression of faults. Romax's 'health indices' are powerful metrics that were developed over many years spent delivering condition monitoring projects and refining the best possible approaches to detecting wind turbine drivetrain faults.

Advanced vibration analysis



For condition monitoring engineers and vibration analysts, advanced tools allow detailed analysis of the raw vibration data. With a focus on easy to use yet extremely powerful tools, Fleet Monitor enables a small team of engineers to monitor many gigawatts of assets with just a few clicks.

Fleet Monitor features overview

Fleet Monitor Dashboard
Fleet Dashboard Lubrication Analysis Maintenance Report Management
Site Dashboard Inspection View Report Historian
Comments Farm Wide Temperature Analysis Report Generation
Trending and Plotting
Temperature Data Trending Third Party Parameters Compare Turbines Against Population
Lubrication Data Trending Compare Turbines Overlay Trend Graphs
Capacity Factor Analysis Power Deviation Analysis Power Curve Analysis
Heat Map Farm Plots Define Health Indices Trend Frequency Domain Parameters
Vibration Analysis
Broadband RMS FFT Order tracking
Time Trace Ruler Envelope Frequency Finder
Filtered Time Trace Cepstrum Frequency Table
Two Stage Alarms Multi Rule Alarms With Logic Preview Alarms
Component Alarms Automatic Thresholding Alarm Manager
Operating Classes Preview Trends Alarm Configuration
Alarms Overview View Alarms by Code View Alarms by Wind Farm or Turbine
Drivetrain Alarm Viewer Email Alerts Search and Filter Alarms
Wind Turbine Alarm Map Alarm Management Comments and Team Workflow
Account Manager Multiple User Levels Create new wind farms