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Case Studies

Global expertise, local support

Case Study : End of Warranty Example


  • Inspection track record of 1000 turbines worldwide
  • Conditions of turbine variable between sites even by the same O&M provider
  • Issues observed in all regions
  • Most issues related to manufacturing, assembly and lubrication and O&M practices if detected can be easily rectified




  • Advanced diagnostic can provide 6-12 months lead time for main bearing failure
  • Issues observed in all regions
  • Utilization of inspection software ensures consistent quality across wind farms
  • Earlier treatment of corrosion to prevent having to replace bolts
  • Alarms bypassed to keep turbine operating
  • All these can cause a H&S hazard and a major component failure

Case Study: Owner’s engineering in India


  • The wind industry has a complex supply chain – Large number of precision components transported across continents
  • Quality can be compromised at various stages
  • The control of the turbine components not always at the hands of the OEM – (Storage and erection, shipping companies)
  • Minor defects may develop into a failure over time




  • Storage of nacelles 2 years before construction
  • Standstill marks
  • Corrosion on working surfaces (gears)