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Life Extension



  • For mature wind farms, asset life is the single biggest driver of value, far exceeding a 1% move in the discount rate
  • Majority of turbines are certified for 20 year life
  • Design loads estimates don’t take into account site specific operating conditions
  • Identification of site specific issues (gearbox variant, harsh operating conditions)
  • This leads to overestimation of loads (in most cases design estimates are very conservative) or underestimation (power boost programmes)
  • Without proper assessment, assets will be underutilised or suffer premature failures
  • In-depth turbine technology knowledge is very important for accurate and realistic life extension assessment 



  • Life extension assessment-how to safely and economically operate the turbine past its design lifetime
  • Combination of analysis and field inspections/measurements
  • Optimum operating strategy
  • Realistic cost estimates
  • Customised analysis that is most suitable for the current project (available input information, turbine technology, size of the project).

Beyond 20 years : Options

Wind turbine's lifespan is typically around 20 years. After this period wind farm operators and owners... ( 2-3 sentences)  

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