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  • Turbine background
  • Long-term OPEX forecast
  • Relistic failure rates across project lifetime
  • Technologies with little/no track record can also be assessed
  • Strengths and weaknesses of turbine technology from operational perspective
  • Operations and Maintenance recommendations for risk mitigation
  • Condition Monitoring systems review and recommendations
  • Supply chain analysis

How do deal with new designs & upgrades


       {A sentence or two about the new design & upgrade concepts}



  • RomaxWind model of the rotor and main bearing closely simulates bearing loads and is tuned to match field failure data and contact pattern
  • The model can then be used to simulate performance of design upgrades and retrofits

OPEX forecast : Lessons learned



  • same regions
  • same operating conditions
  • two manufacturers 2MW WTG
  • two OEM services teams




  • same site
  • same turbine
  • different gearbox manufacturer




  • same turbine
  • different site-operating conditions (turbine, capacity factor, wind shear)