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Romax Technology’s bearing consultancy services equip Cummins Generator Technologies with knowledge and confidence, providing specialist, technical knowledge for informed supplier discussions, impartial investigation into root cause analysis of bearing failures, and expert evaluation of new bearing designs

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Meter Bearings

RomaxDESIGNER Enterprise enables Meter Bearings to deliver optimized designs to their customers more quickly, using automated and integrated bearing analysis within a whole system simulation context.

RomaxDESIGNER, Bearings, Enterprise, R17, Batch Running, Optimization, Automation, Bearing Life, Analysis, Customized Reporting Bearings Italy Case Study

Providing innovative solutions in drivetrain product development and software development, innoVision Engineering use a combination of their own in-house tools and commercially available products, such as CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER.

Engineering, CONCEPT, RomaxDESIGNER, Right First Time, Reduce, Time, Costs, Optimisation Automotive,OffHighway Germany Case Study

Romax Technology helped Magnomatics to investigate a variety of possible design options very quickly, using multi-fidelity models and multiple drive cycles for realistic, reliable simulation to help optimise a magnetic power-split dedicated hybrid transmission.

Simulation, Hybrid, Transmission, R&D, Magnetic Gears Automotive UK Case Study

By using the expertise of Romax InSight’s drivetrain consulting team, Globeleq has been enabled to plan and execute due diligence including all relevant quality documentation on manufacturing, assembly and test. 

With the technical advisory support of Romax, GME was able to mitigate risk to the project of future failures due to quality problems in manufacturing and assembly. One mitigated issue had savings of $400,000 for the project.

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wind energy, wind turbine, Romax InSight, Wind turbine component issues, wind farm inspection, wind turbine drivetrain, wind farm due diligence, wind farm technical advisory, wind farm O&M cost, wind turbine O&M cost saving WindEnergy USA PDF Download

Find out how FLT Group used RomaxDESIGNER for complex analysis of FLT bearings in a particular application and working condition; which helped to save costs (associated with bearing failures and warranty claims), time in calculations and design investigation, improved product quality and increased customer satisfaction. 

Roller bearings, Bearing design, Flexible bearings, Bearing life calculations Bearings Poland Case Study

Romax InSight provides best in class service for early detection and forecasts of remaining useful life of components, providing transparency on the health of the main bearing, gearbox and generator components. Combined with main bearing life extension by grease flushing and drivetrain engineering advisory, Kruger have the support required.


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SSE plc, an operator of the third largest offshore wind farm - Greater Gabbard Wind Farm, relies on Romax's condition monitoring to provide them with advanced warning of major component failures, thus allowing jack up campaign planning well in advance.

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EDF Renewable Energy

Romax InSight's service and inspection app - Field Pro has been successfully implemented by EDF Renewable Services (EDF RS) and served as a guide through the End of Warranty (EoW) inspection process form start to finish.


Wind Farm O&M, Field Pro, Drivetrain Inspections, End of Warranty, Data-Driven Wind Farm Management WindEnergy USA PDF Download

We provide a whole-system simulation approach to satisfy demanding reliability and NVH targets, whilst defining a simulation strategy covering both the test and in-service arrangement of a rail gearbox. 

Reliability, NVH, Gear design, Correlation Rail Spain Case Study
Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen use RomaxDESIGNER to develop an accurate and reliable validation strategy for gearbox NVH, allowing design changes to be made with confidence even in complex gearboxes with electric motors.

Electric Vehicle (EV), NVH Automotive Germany Case Study
Adrian Technology

We help expert consultants optimise diverse client designs, and make more informed decisions earlier, with RomaxDESIGNER simulation leading to significant time savings and an understanding of the whole system behaviour.

OffHighway Germany Case Study

SunEdison seek our support across a range of 10 projects, from improving the reliability of blade bearings, gearbox modelling and specialist inspections to support for sub-supplier due diligence.

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US Wind Farm

A new technique for flushing and replacing the grease from wind turbines extends main bearing life allowing the optimisation of maintenance planning and reduction of O&M costs.

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The parent company of British Gas, Centrica Energy utilise Romax’s fleet monitoring services for wind turbines as a complete solution for drivetrain health services, including: monitoring, inspections and root cause analysis. Resulting benefits include improved reliability, better leveraged investments, and a reduction in the overall cost of energy.

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EDF Renewable Services

North America’s largest provider of third party O&M enlist Romax’ innovative portable vibration detection equipment and expert personnel, resulting in improved wind farm maintenance and more confident warranty claims, with an ROI of 20:1.  

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D-I Industrial Co. Limited

Leading Korean marine transmission developer improves product quality and delivers innovation for customers, using RomaxDESIGNER software and accompanying services for root cause analysis, design optimisation, and gear whine reduction.

Root cause analysis, Gear whine reduction, Marine S Korea Case Study

GCube is a leading provider of renewable energy insurance services, offering comprehensive property and liability coverage for utility scale projects around the globe and shares Romax’s vision for the proactive mitigation of risk through health monitoring solutions.

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Infigen Energy, which operates 24 wind farms across the USA and Australia, wanted to reduce O&M costs and to predict maintenance requirements using Romax's expertise.

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Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail

Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail, a national provider of rail and related services in Ireland, worked with Romax to identify the root cause of increasing failures of axle box bearings.

Bearings, Root Cause Analysis Rail Ireland Case Study

The three-year ODIN project aims to develop a compact and cost effective powertrain for electric vehicles (EVs). Romax technical consulting services, CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER software tools help to speed development towards an optimal solution - a 50% cost reduction and a 2% improvement in overall efficiency was achieved.

Electric vehicles, NVH Automotive UK Case Study
GKN plc

The world’s leading manufacturer of automotive driveline components uses RomaxDESIGNER software and consulting expertise for advanced modeling, simulation and analysis of geared systems. Tests show a 2% gain in overall gearbox efficiency without compromising on durability or N&V.

Electric vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, NVH Automotive Case Study
Romax Technology

Read why Romax’s Design and Analysis Team use CAD FUSION software and how it improves process productivity, increases speed and reduces errors in the supply of transmission, axle and gearbox design projects for clients across a range of industries.

Design process improvement Case Study

Find out how Europe’s largest renewable energy generator benefited from using Romax InSight's monitoring services during their transition out of warranty, with a view to keeping maintenance costs low and ensuring that any future claims can be made with confidence.

Wind Farm Monitoring, Wind Turbine Maintenance WindEnergy UK PDF Download

Read how the U.S. Department of Energy’s primary National Laboratory for Renewable Energy and energy efficiency R&D benefited from RomaxWIND software and accompanying consultancy services, in their work to deliver innovative drivetrain designs, further understand gearbox failures, and ultimately minimise the cost of wind energy.

Wind Turbine Maintenance, Drivetrain Design USA Case Study
Hyundai WIA

Find out why Hyundai WIA use Romax software, and how the powerful combination of CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER  allows them to drive process improvements and make significant time and cost savings.

Design process improvement Automotive S Korea Case Study
Jeju Energy Company (JEC)

Jeju Energy Corporation chose Romax to undertake a four month performance improvement project to troubleshoot 239 under-performance issues. The project resulted in a huge improvement to the power performance of turbines in both wind farms.

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Technische Universitat Darmstadt

Find out how Technische Universität Darmstadt use RomaxDESIGNER and CAD FUSION in their research, to optimise the development of novel engineering concepts including new transmissions for extended range electric vehicles.

Design process improvement, electric vehicles Automotive Germany Case Study Video

Find out how Romax software helped Mazda's need to develop a range of innovative new products in a short time frame, covering both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive multiple engines and transmissions.

Design process improvement Automotive Japan Case Study

Volkswagen AG, the largest car maker in Europe, has used RomaxDESIGNER for more than four years, using the software’s whole-system modelling and analysis approach to examine multiple design parameters and evaluate the influence of variations in the production process.

Design process improvement, NVH Automotive Germany Case Study

Find out how France’s Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries use RomaxDESIGNER, and why its ‘whole-system’ modelling and analysis approach has enabled them to provide fast and effective solutions for clients requiring innovative, right first time gearbox designs.

Root Cause Analysis, Gearbox Automotive France Case Study