HDT - Vehicle Acoustics

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Haus der Technik

Hollestr, 1 - 45127 Essen

Haus der Technik in Essen Introduces the “Vehicle Acoustics - NVH of passenger cars and commercial vehicles” Conference 20th July 2018.

Modern vehicles are constantly demanding higher standards in terms of noise and vibration behavior. Among other things, this manifests itself in the fact that the NVH quality has been increasing for years. The aim of the symposium is to provide a broad and varied insight into the vibration and noise problems of modern passenger cars and commercial vehicles and the resulting challenges and needs for action. In the process, the scientific-technical discipline is put into the foreground and the topic of technology and application is discussed.


This year, we are delighted to be presenting a paper titled –

An integrated approach to NVH simulation and validation in electric vehicle drivetrains

This paper outlines the following:

  • Consideration of system-level NVH in the early design phase
  • System modelling process and key considerations
  • Simulation and correlation of the simulation method for a prototype EV drivetrain

The conference is designed to facilitate the exchange of experience between professionals, supported by presentations by well-known experts from industry and academia to find out more, view the conference agenda here

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our technical experts please email info@romaxtech.com