VDI International Conference on Gears

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich Institute of Machine Elements Gear Research Centre (FZG) Boltzmannstr. 15 85748 Garching, Germany

The 7th International Conference on Gears 2017 will be held in Garching near Munich at the Gear Research Centre of the Technical University of Munich from September 13th to 15th, 2017. Supported by national and international associations, the conference brings together over 600 leading experts from the international gear and transmission industry. Participating in the conference gives you the opportunity to take part in this leading international forum and learn about the latest developments and research results in the powertrain industry and academia.

This year Romx Technology are proud to be presenting at the forthcoming International Conference on Gears. 


Dr Sharad Jain, Lead Researcher - Dynamic & Simulation, Romax Technology, will be presenting a paper titled;

"A simulation approach to calculating gear dynamic-factors for high-speed applications"

In order to design durable gears for high-speed applications, it is crucial to understand the influence of dynamic loads on gear fatigue life. One commonly used method to consider the effect of dynamic loads on gear life is to multiply the static stress by a dynamic factor. Standards-based calculations of gear dynamic factors, however, has some limitations. Therefore, there is a need for a reliable method to predict gear dynamic factors accurately. In this paper, Dr Sharad Jain proposes a simulation approach to calculate the dynamic factors for high-speed gears. He also investigates the influence of system resonances, model fidelity, torque and speed on dynamic factors. The findings from this paper will hopefully help engineers to design more reliable gears for high-speed applications.

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