European User Forum

Location: Paris
Date: 26th - 27th September 2017

European User Forum

Romax European User Forum 2017

Transformation of Transmissions: Engineering the next generation of electrified powertrains

26th - 27th September 2017, Novotel Paris Les Halles, Paris, France


Following the success of our European User Forum in Frankfurt last year, we’re delighted to announce details for our 2017 User Forum taking place on 26th and 27th September at The Novotel Paris des Halles, in Paris France. 

Romax product users, engineering project members, prospects and partners will gather together alongside Romax technical experts and product managers for a two-day conference to discuss the latest trends in transmission and drivetrain simulation technology, discover our new software product releases, learn new capabilities and network with peers. 

The world is evolving, the demand for energy efficiency means that drivetrains need to be more reliable, faster and designed with better accuracy. Furthermore, these systems need to be tightly controlled, power dense and efficient.

Our R17 software solution provides groundbreaking new capabilities in electric powertrain simulation and analysis, building on our theme from last year, 'Technology Integration in an Electro-mechanical World', we will be taking electrification one step further and sharing how our clients have implemented our new tools into their processes, further maximising their competencies.

Romax solutions continue to lead the market in transmission and drivelines NVH simulation, bearing contact analysis, gear technology and process integration and automation.

User Forum Highlights

  • Meet Romax Technical experts
  • Hear from renowned keynote speakers
  • Listen to user case studies and customer success stories
  • Network with your peers across industry
  • Meet fellow Romax users
  • Network at our evening event


Who should attend?

If you’re new to Romax, why not join us and find out more about our technology, watch product demonstrations, chat with our expert team and discover how other companies have implemented our tools in their processes.

Watch our 2016 Global Forums video and get a feel for what happens at a Romax User Forum.

Already part of the Romax Global Community? Join us and hear from renowned keynote speakers, find out the latest developments in our products and have one-to-one meetings with our team.

View presentations from our 2016 European User Forum

The Romax European User Forum is aimed at engineers, designers, analysts, engineering managers and senior leaders involved with gears, drivetrains and bearings from within the automotive, EV, off-road, agriculture, heavy industry, bearings, marine and wind energy sectors.

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For more information on our Forum, please email or call our UK office on +44 (0)115 870 0534


26th September

  • 08.30
  • Registration and Coffee

  • 09.00
  • Welcome
    François Michel, Vice President Europe, Romax Technology

  • 09:05
  • Company Update and Keynote
    Andy Poon, CEO, Romax Technology

  • 09.25
  • Plenary Keynote Presentation - Renault 

    Completion of ODIN – a Pan-EU project for the design of an innovative EV Powertrain

    Thierry Laurent, Innovation Project Manager, Renault


  • 10:05
  • Expended trends in electrification of vehicle powertrains

    Dr Melanie Michon, Team Leader Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 10:35
  • Validation of electro-mechanical NVH analysis against test data

    Dr Christian Lang, Project Manager, BOSCH

    Dr Melanie Michon, Team Leader Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 11:05
  •  Tea and Coffee

  • 11:45
  • Customer Case Study - Continental
    Cost efficient powertrain concept for PHEV
    Oscar Sarmiento, Project Manager, Continental
    Andreas Riedel, Project Manager, Continental

  • 12:15
  • Electrical Machine Design at Romax
    Dr Melanie Michon, Head of Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 12:45
  • Lunch

  • 13:45
  • Partner Presentation - Motor Design Limited 

    EV traction motor selection considering NVH performance using RomaxDESIGNER and Motor-CAD

    Dougie Hawkins, Head of Sofware Development

  • 14:15
  • Partner Presentation - Cobham
    Coupling RomaxDESIGNER and Opera to investigate NVH in an electric vehicle drivetrain due to rotor eccentricities
    Chris Riley, Engineering Manager, Cobham

  • 12:30
  • Lunch

  • 14:45
  • Overview of Romax service offerings for electrified powertrains
    Detlev Runkel, Sales Manager Germany, Romax Technology



  • 15:15
  • Latest developments in bearing simulation technology at Romax
    Simon White, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 15:45
  • Tea and Coffee

  • 16:15
  • Prediction of gear dynamic factors in a high-speed gearbox with manufacturing errors
    Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology



  • 16:45
  • Process integration for electric drivelines NVH
    Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 17:15
  • RomaxDESIGNER integration with commercial multiobjective optimization software
    Simon White, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 17:45
  • Summary of Day 1

    François Michel, Vice President Europe, Romax Technology

  • 18:15
  • Day Finished 

27th September

  • 08.30
  • Arrival and Coffee

  • 09:00
  • Introduction and Day 2 Agenda

    Andy Poon, CEO, Romax Technology 

  • 09:10
  • Plenary Keynote Presentation – Rolls Royce
    Digital simulation to enable future aircraft engine development by embracing the advanced technology
    Mick Carlisle, Chief of Technology - Structures & Transmissions, Rolls-Royce

  • 09:50
  • Digital Twin - Changing the face of simulation technology
    Jeff Hewitt, Aerospace Business Development Manager, Romax Technology

  • 10:20
  • University - Politecnico Di Torino
    Advanced analysis of non-conventional lightweight aerospace gears using RomaxDESIGNER
    Diego Bordigoni, Research Student, Politecnico Di Torino

  • 10:50

    Tea and Coffee


  • 11:30
  • Simulation of oil flow distribution in an EV transmission - An integrated approach using RomaxDESIGNER and CFD
    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 12:00
  • Advanced bearing loss modelling considering load share, misalignment and lubricant effects
    Simon White, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • Tea and Coffee

  • 12:30
  • Calculating thermal distribution and the impact on system deflections in a helicopter gearbox & EV powertrain
    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 13:00
  • Lunch


  • 14:00
  • Customer Case Study - Volvo Penta
    Bearing race design based on system deflections on a marine application
    Jan-Erick Kack, Design Engineer, Volvo Penta

  • 14:30
  • Collaborative research: Romax, Universities and Research Institutes in partnership
    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 14:50
  • Customer Case Study - John Deere
    Matrix calculation method for complex, multi-stage planetary gearboxes and interaction with CONCEPT
    Matthias Lang, Product Engineer, John Deere



  • 15:20
  • Tea and Coffee

  • 15:50
  • Romax software R18 – New capabilities for the next release
    Dr Jamie Pears, Head of Product Management, Romax Technology

  • 16:20
  • Latest progress on Romax Customer Portal development
    Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 16:50
  • Future strategies for Romax
    Dr Jamie Pears, Head of Product Management, Romax Technology

  • 17:20
  • Summary of Day 2 and close
    François Michel, Vice President Europe, Romax Technology

  • 17:30
  • Event Finished

European Forum 2017 - Keynote Speakers 

Dr Thierry Laurent

Innovation Project Manager, Renault

LAURENT Thierry was born in Nancy, France, on 8 August 1970.

He received PHD degree, in sciences for engineers, from University of Besancon, France in 1997.

He was then, for one year, teacher assistant in Physics at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

From 1998 up to now he is employed by Renault: He started as an acoustician and then was acoustic development leader of Clio 3, then customer requirements synthesis leader for A-B segment vehicle and is now currently E-Pwt innovation project manager for BEV, since 2010.

Mr Mick Carlisle

Chief of Technology for Structures & Transmission Supply Chain Unit, Rolls Royce Plc

Mick graduated from UMIST Manchester in 1989 gaining a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and commenced life as a Rolls-Royce engineer later that year, working as an Aerothermal engineer before transitioning to Mechanical Design.

He progressed through various roles of increasing responsibility – in Aerospace, Marine and Industrial gas turbines. In Aerospace specifically he worked on the original 3 shaft engine – the RB211 and has contributed in various roles to all of the RR Trent engines. He had a stint in RR Indianapolis & holds patents for over 15 inventions. More recently his roles have included Preliminary Design specialist, Manufacturing Capability Engineer, and Cost and Business Development Executive. Mick was elected Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in 2009

Mick is currently Chief of Technology for Structures & Transmission Supply Chain Unit in Rolls–Royce, leading a group of global engineers to determine and deliver the future state of various high technology components and commodities.

European Forum 2017 - Guest Speakers 

Mr Dougie Hawkins

Head of Software Development Manager, Motor Design Ltd

Dougie graduated in 1991 with a BEng Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Glasgow. Since graduating he has worked for Alstom, BAE Systems and Teleca Communications before joining Motor Design Ltd in 2005. Software development projects have been varied from control systems for railway traction, to signal processing for marine applications and consumer telecom products.

Dougie has been the Head of Software Development at Motor Design Ltd since 2005, developing Motor-CAD modelling tools for the electromagnetic and thermal performance of rotating machines.

Mr Chris Riley

Engineering Manager, Cobham

Chris Riley is Engineering Manager for Opera Software at Cobham Technical Services. He graduated in electrical engineering from University College, London in 1975, completed his graduate apprenticeship with GEC Power Engineering in 1976 and became a development engineer in the large generator division. He increasingly became involved in the development and use of computer simulation and finite element methods applied to electromagnetic and thermal issues. After positions with Compeda, BTG’s CAD software house, and as a lecturer in CAD and electromechanics at Liverpool University, he joined Vector Fields in 1986. He has remained with the company since then, ran the USA office in Illinois for 3 years and became a director in 1995. After the acquisition of Vector Fields by Cobham in 2005, he was part of the strategic management team until semi-retirement in 2015. His main focus is applications of Opera, with a specialism in motors and generators, superconducting magnets and electromagnetic signatures. He is a Fellow of the IET and is currently serving on the management team for the UK Magnetics Society.

Mr Jan-Erik

Design Engineer, Volvo Penta

Jan-Erik Käck has a degree in applied mathematics from Mälardalen University. He has worked with gear design for ten years with a strong focus on hypoids and spiral bevel gears for the automotive industry. For the last two years he has been working as transmission design engineer at Volvo Penta and is responsible for gear, shaft and bearing calculation methodology at the transmission design and testing department.

Mr Matthias Lang

Engineer Drivetrain, John Deere

Matthias Lang graduated from the University of Cooperative Education, Baden-Württemberg Mannheim in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He then went on to attain a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in 2015.  Prior to his graduation, Matthias was involved in a number of projects at NUKEM Technologies GmbH, these include: Experimental investigations of underwater flame-cutting, Construction of a tipping device for containers and his Bachelor's thesis, the Examination of the exothermic behaviour of Zirkalloy. Whilst studying for his Masters, Matthias worked at John Deere on his Master thesis: Development of a continuously variable transmission with electrical power split, acquiring a permanent role as a Drivetrain Engineer upon his graduation.

European Forum 2017 - Romax Speakers

Dr Melanie Michon

Team Leader - Electrification, Romax Technology

 Melanie has gained a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, and MSc and BEng degrees in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and Hogeschool Limburg in The Netherlands, respectively. She has sixteen years of professional experience leading to a strong expertise in the fields of electrical machines and power electronics for automotive and renewable energy applications. She joined Romax in April 2014 as R&D Programme Manager, where she has managed a range of collaborative R&D projects in automotive, aerospace and wind and successfully set up partnerships and gained funding for collaborative research. Her current role involves developing and commercialising new electro-mechanical design and analysis capabilities, as well as continuing to seek new opportunities for research partnerships.

Dr Jamie Pears

Head of Product Management, Romax Technology

Dr Pears has an MSc and PhD in Physics from Nottingham University, UK. As Product Manager of CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER, as well as overall Head of Product Management, Jamie is involved in setting the overall direction of the Romax Technology software products, communicating with customers and directing the software development team.


Mr Barry James

Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

Barry James graduated from Clare College, Cambridge and started his career at Ricardo plc as Development Engineer. He first joined Romax over 20 years ago and during his time at Romax he has worked as Applications Engineer, Engineering Manager and Chief Engineer. He wrote the first training course for Romax and established the design team. Barry now manages the R&D Team and has a keen interest in developing new methods for hybrid and electric vehicle design. 

Mr Chris Halse

Head of Engineering Services, Romax Technology

Dr Michael Platten

Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

 A specialist in noise and vibration measurement, simulation and analysis for the automotive and aerospace sectors, Dr. Platten brings over 18 years’ experience in this field. Michael has a BEng in Electro acoustics and a PhD in noise and vibration in aircraft structures from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 1999.
Michael has worked at Romax for ten years where his responsibilities include new product specification for dynamic simulation and product entry, as well as supporting the company’s global consultancy for training and sales in noise and vibration.

Mr Simon White

Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

 After achieving a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath in 2000, Simon previously worked for Rolls Royce as a Development Engineer and then Ricardo UK as a Software Developer, Application Engineer and Business Development Manager.

Simon joined Romax Technology in 2010 where he worked as a Senior Application Engineer before becoming a Product Manager. He is currently a Senior Product Manager with responsibility for aerospace, wind and bearing sectors. He also has product responsibility for RomaxDesigner Bearing, Enterprise and Architecture developments.