North America User Forum 2017

Location: Troy, MI
Date: 6th - 7th September 2017

North America User Forum 2017


Romax North America User Forum 2017

Transformation of Transmissions: Engineering the next generation of electrified powertrains

6th - 7th September 2017, The Management Education Center, Troy


Our hugely successful North America Forum returns, taking place 6th - 7th September 2017, The Management Education Center, Troy

Romax product users, engineering project members, prospects and partners will gather together alongside Romax technical experts and product managers for a two-day conference to discuss the latest trends in transmission and drivetrain simulation technology, discover our new software product releases, learn new capabilities and network with peers. 

The world is evolving, the demand for energy efficiency means that drivetrains need to be more reliable, faster and designed with better accuracy. Furthermore, these systems need to be tightly controlled, power dense and efficient.

Our R17 software solution provides groundbreaking new capabilities in electric powertrain simulation and analysis, building on our theme from last year, 'Technology Integration in an Electro-mechanical World', we will be taking electrification one step further and sharing how our clients have implemented our new tools into their processes, further maximising their competencies.

Romax solutions continue to lead the market in transmission and drivelines NVH simulation, bearing contact analysis, gear technology and process integration and automation.

User Forum Highlights

  • Meet Romax Technical experts
  • Hear from renowned keynote speakers
  • Listen to user case studies and customer success stories
  • Network with your peers across industry
  • Meet fellow Romax users
  • Network at our evening event


Who should attend?

If you’re new to Romax, why not join us and find out more about our technology, watch product demonstrations, chat with our expert team and discover how other companies have implemented our tools in their processes.

Watch our 2016 Global Forums video and get a feel for what happens at a Romax User Forum.

Already part of the Romax Global Community? Join us and hear from renowned keynote speakers, find out the latest developments in our products and have one-to-one meetings with our team.

View presentations from our 2016 North American User Forum 

The Romax North America User Forum is aimed at engineers, designers, analysts, engineering managers and senior leaders involved with gears, drivetrains and bearings from within the automotive, EV, off-road, agriculture, heavy industry, bearings, marine and wind energy sectors.

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For more information on our Forum, please email or call our Troy Office on +1 248 220 1201


6th September

  • 08:30
  • Registration and Coffee

  • 09:15
  • Plenary Keynote Presentation

    Jim Lanzon, Chairman of Romax Customer Advisory Board


  • 09:45
  • Expended trends in electrification of vehicle powertrains
    Dr Melanie Michon, Team Leader Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 10:15
  • Validation of Romax electro-mechanical NVH analysis with test data

    Dr Christian Lang, Project Manager, BOSCH

    Dr Melanie Michon, Team Leader - Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 10:45
  • Tea and Coffee Break

  • Customer Case Study


  • 11:00
  • Gear whine attenuation with topology optimization

    Chad Glinsky, Engineering Manager, Romax Technology US

    Raja Rangarajan, Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology US

  • 11:30
  • Romax solutions in electrical machine design and analysis

    Dr Melanie Michon, Team Leader - Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 12:00
  • Partner Presentations – Altair

    NVH analysis using RomaxDesigner and Flux

    Philippe Wendling, VP for Business Development Electromagnetics, Altair

  • 12:30
  • Lunch


  • 14:00
  • Latest developments in bearing simulation technology

    Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 14:30
  • Prediction of gear dynamic factors in a high-speed gearbox with manufacturing errors
    Niranjan Raghuraman, Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

  • Tea and Coffee


  • 15:30
  • Simulation of oil flow distribution in an EV transmission by data transfer from RomaxDESIGNER to Altair NFX
    Steve Cosgrove, Altair, Vice President, CFD Business Development

  • 16:00
  • Advanced bearing loss modelling considering load share, misalignment and lubricant effects

    Dr Venkatakrishna Janakiraman, Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology US

  • 16:30
  • Case studies showing driveline efficiency improvement using RomaxDESIGNER, validated by test data

    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 17:00
  • Summary of Day 1
    Andy Poon, CEO, Romax Technology

  • 17:30
  • Day Finished 

7th September

  • 8:30
  • Registration and Coffee

  • 09:00
  • Introduction and Day 2 Agenda

    Andy Poon, CEO, Romax Technology


  • 09:30
  • Process integration for electric driveline NVH
    Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 10:00
  • Partner presentations – ESTECO

    Simulation based calibration and optimization of the harmonic response of Gearbox casing by varying Bearing Preload

    Apurva Gokhale, Sr Application Engineer, ESTECO

  • 10:30
  • Tea and Coffee Break

  • 11:00
  • Customer Case Study

    Predicting the impact of oil additive pack on driveline efficiency

    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 11:30
  • Automation and component selection: optimal catalogue bearing selection considering system effects
    Chad Glinsky, Mechanical Engineer, Romax Technology
    Travis Histed, Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

  • 12:00
  • Calculating thermal distribution in a helicopter gearbox and the impact on system deflections

    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 12:30
  • Lunch


  • 14:00
  • Customer Case study – NREL

    Planetary Load Sharing in Three-Point Mounted Wind Turbine Gearboxes: A Design and Test Comparison

    Yi Guo, Research Engineer, NREL

  • 14:30
  • Collaborative research: Romax, Universities and Research Institutes in partnership

    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 15:00
  • Tea and Coffee


  • 15:30
  • Romax software R18 – new capabilities for the next release

    Dr Michael Platten, Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

  • 16:00
  • Future strategies for Romax software

    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

  • 16:30
  • Summary of Day 2 and close
    Andy Poon, CEO, Romax Technology

  • 17:00
  • Event Finished

Dr Melanie Michon

Team Leader - Electrification, Romax Technology

Melanie has gained a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, and MSc and BEng degrees in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and Hogeschool Limburg in The Netherlands, respectively. She has sixteen years of professional experience leading to a strong expertise in the fields of electrical machines and power electronics for automotive and renewable energy applications. She joined Romax in April 2014 as R&D Programme Manager, where she has managed a range of collaborative R&D projects in automotive, aerospace and wind and successfully set up partnerships and gained funding for collaborative research. Her current role involves developing and commercialising new electro-mechanical design and analysis capabilities, as well as continuing to seek new opportunities for research partnerships.

Dr Michael Platten

Senior Product Manager, Romax Technology

A specialist in noise and vibration measurement, simulation and analysis for the automotive and aerospace sectors, Dr. Platten brings over 18 years’ experience in this field. Michael has a BEng in Electro acoustics and a PhD in noise and vibration in aircraft structures from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 1999.
Michael has worked at Romax for ten years where his responsibilities include new product specification for dynamic simulation and product entry, as well as supporting the company’s global consultancy for training and sales in noise and vibration.

Mr Barry James

Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology

Barry James graduated from Clare College, Cambridge and started his career at Ricardo plc as Development Engineer. He first joined Romax over 20 years ago and during his time at Romax he has worked as Applications Engineer, Engineering Manager and Chief Engineer. He wrote the first training course for Romax and established the design team. Barry now manages the R&D Team and has a keen interest in developing new methods for hybrid and electric vehicle design. 

Mr Chad Glinsky

Mechanical Engineer, Romax Technology

Chad Glinsky joined Romax Technology in 2012 as a drivetrain engineering analyst and is now the Engineering Manager for the US.  He manages a team of analysts and application engineers responsible for delivery of drivetrain consultancy, technical support of our software clients, training courses, CAE partnerships, and liaising with R&D and product development regarding software development roadmap requirements.  Chad has a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, with research experience in drivetrain dynamics and controls of continuously variable transmissions.  Prior industry experience includes automotive quality engineering, electromechanical design, and noise and vibration testing.

Mr Raja Rangarajan

Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

Raja is an Engineering analyst based out of the Troy office and has been with Romax since June 2016. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. He is primarily involved in supporting the US engineering team with consultancy projects and assisting the customers with software and engineering solutions. He also organizes the Standard Training course for customers held at the Romax Troy office.

Mr Niranjan Raghuraman

Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

Niranjan Raghuraman is working as an engineering analyst for Romax Technology located in Boulder, CO. His background includes powertrain dynamics, parallel and cross axes gearing, plastic gearing, heat transfer and thermodynamics. Niranjan earned his master’s degree from The Ohio State University. He worked on plastic gear design and effects of temperature on plastic gears as a part of his masters at The Gear and Power Transmission Laboratory with Dr. Don Houser. Niranjan also worked for Chrysler prior to joining Romax where he worked on durability studies for automotive rear axle drive unit and development of thermal/energy management models for vehicle powertrain.

Mr Travis Histed

Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

Travis is an engineering analyst at Romax and is responsible for delivering project work and assisting our customers with solutions.  Having joined Romax in 2014, Travis’ prior experience includes hydro-turbine analysis and design, natural gas engine fuel delivery systems, and manganese mining in South America.  Travis graduated from Colorado State University in 2011 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr Venkatakrishna Janakiraman

Engineering Analyst, Romax Technology

Dr Venkatakrishna Janakiraman is an engineering analyst working with Romax Technology, his focus areas include gear durability, planetary gear trains and transmission efficiency.

Prior to joining Romax Technology, he obtained his Master’s and PhD from The Ohio State University. His PhD work was focused on modelling of power losses and efficiency in automatic transmissions and his Master’s work was focused on gear wear prediction and wear coefficient estimation. He worked under the guidance of Prof. Ahmet Kahraman during his time at Ohio State.

Mr Jim Lanzon

Chairman of the Romax North American Customer Advisory Board

Mr. Lanzon joined General Motors in 1976 and held numerous senior roles until his retirement in 2015.  For the last 12 years, he was VP -  Powertrain Global Transmissions, leading all General Motors global powertrain related transmission sector activities. 

During his distinguished career, he introduced GM's 6 speed product launches, which included front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and the Allison heavy duty commercial products, as well as initiating its 8 speed launch along with spear-heading development of 9&10 speeds.  This included instigating co-development agreements with Ford Motor on the 9&10 speeds and with SAIC in China on DCT's.

Jim was also Executive VP and a Board of Directors Member for New Venture Gear, a Joint Venture Company between Chrysler Corp. and General Motors Corp., which lead the industry on electric transfer cases as well as on demand and predictive 4 wheel products, establishing a customer base that included GM, Chrysler, Ford, VW, Land Rover, BMW.

Since 2015 Jim has taken the role of Chairman of the Romax North American Customer Advisory Board.  The focus of the CAB is to work collaboratively toward the improvement of current and future innovation.

Dr Yi Guo

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Yi is currently a senior research scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). At NREL, Yi is dedicated to research and development in dynamic modeling, reliability analysis, vibro-acoustics, data analysis, and design optimization of land-based and offshore wind turbine drivetrains. Yi has been focus on using analytical and computational modeling approaches to model and analyze geared systems. Prior to NREL, she pursued her Ph.D. research at Ohio State University with specialization in dynamics, vibration, and acoustics of wind turbine and helicopter drivetrains. She received her M.S. and B.S. degrees from Xi'an Jiaotong University in China with the focus on fluid mechanics. Yi is also a committee member of American Gear Manufacturers Association and a member of Women of Wind Energy.

Philippe Wendling


Mr. Wendling gained his Engineering and Master’s degree from Ecole Centrale Lille (IDN), Lille France in 1979. Following this he became a cofounder of Magsoft Corporation in 1986 and a IEEE Senior Member 1992. He is now serving as the Vice President of Business Development for Low Frequency Electromagnetics Solutions at Altair and has presented and published IEEE papers at IEMDC, CEFC and ECCE. He has also presented contributions at the EDrive conference, SMMA Technical Meeting and NAFEMS Ligthweighting conference. Philippe’s main interests are in the design and optimization of electromechanical devices (power conversion), sensors and induction heating devices and processes.

Steve Cosgrove

Vice President, CFD Business Development, Altair

Mr. Cosgrove, is the Vice President of Global CFD Business Development at Altair Engineering. Previously, he was the Vice President of Technical Support and Sales at ACUSIM Software Inc based in Mountain View, CA, until Altair acquired ACUSIM on Jan 1, 2011. Mr. Cosgrove received his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 1989.

He has an extensive background in CFD with 10 years experience in development and applications of CFD for nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics at KAPL Inc. followed by 14 years working in the commercial CFD software business with positions at CD ADAPCO and ANSYS ICEMCFD before joining ACUSIM in early 2004 as to sell and support the AcuSolve CFD software.

Apurva Gokhale

Senior Application Engineer, Esteco

Apurva Gokhale is Sr. Application Engineer at Esteco North America. She has been working with Esteco for last 4 years, in their Novi office. Before joining Esteco North America, she attended Clemson University, for her Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, with Optimization as her main focus. Currently, her job duties include providing application support and consultation regarding optimization strategies to Esteco's customers.


In addition to our forum, we will be carrying out the following workshops. Each attendee will receive a complimentary place on either of these workshops which will both take place on 8th September after the User Forum.



Bearing Workshop

Bearings are used in gear boxes to support the shafts and keep the gears aligned. We will look at bearings in detail to better understand the types of bearings, their nomenclature and basic internal geometry. Once this is understood, you will have a better understanding of the options you have for bearings in your application. Choosing the correct bearing type is not all that must be considered. How it will be installed and what failures can occur will be looked at as well. We will then look at the common bearing capacity standards and life analysis methods associated with some of these standards. To end the workshop, we will use RomaxDESIGNER to apply this knowledge to analyze bearings and examine the results in a gearbox model.



Modern vehicle propulsion systems increasingly use electric motors as the prime mover. The electric motor is typically coupled with a mechanical gearbox to provide desirable torque characteristics for vehicle propulsion and efficiency characteristics for a given drive cycle. The electric motor and gearbox have individual NVH characteristics, but must be considered together to accurately capture the system level NVH performance that can lead to excessive passenger noise and/or poor sound quality. In this workshop, we will review the mechanisms of noise and vibration in electro-mechanical propulsion systems, including motor torque ripple, motor radial forcing functions, rotor imbalance, and gear whine. To start the workshop, NVH theory will be covered for motors and gears. Then, practical examples will be reviewed. To complete the workshop, RomaxDESIGNER simulation tools will be used to apply our knowledge to predict the NVH performance of an electro-mechanical propulsion system.


Please click here to register for one of the workshops 

* Please note that these agendas are intended as a guide, not as an absolute timeline. Timing and material of sessions are subject to change and are dependent on student progression. Some sessions may be truncated or skipped entirely to ensure the most important topics are covered.


Electro-Mechanical System NVH Workshop

  • 9:00
  • Introduction & verify software installations + file downloads

  • 09:30
  • Theory & Modeling [Gears and Rotor Dynamics]:

    • Theory of gears and rotor dynamics for NVH
      Modeling a rotor shaft and gearset in RomaxDESIGNER
  • 10:30
  • Theory & Modeling [Motors]:

    • Theory of electrical machines for NVH
      Modeling a motor in RomaxDESIGNER
  • 12:00
  • Lunch

  • 12:30
  • Applications:

    • Video and audio examples of gear whine, motor whine, and rotor dynamics
      Review motor assembly and pass around part
  • 13:00
  • Simulation [EV Drive Unit]:

    • RomaxDESIGNER system model review
      Simulate rotor dynamics for critical speed maps
      Simulate gearset transmission error
      Simulate and import motor data
      Simulate harmonic responses for gear and motor whine, including a review of system modes, operating deflection shapes, and exporting for acoustic analysis


  • 15:30
  • Workshop Finished

* Please note that these agendas are intended as a guide, not as an absolute timeline. Timing and material of sessions are subject to change and are dependent on student progression. Some sessions may be truncated or skipped entirely to ensure the most important topics are covered.


Bearings Workshop

  • 9:00
  • Introduction & Overview 

  • 9:30
  • Basics of Bearings: 

    • Bearing types
    • Nomenclature
    • Internal geometry
    • Characteristics
      Bearing arrangements on a shaft - Fixed / Floating
  • 10:30
  • Premature Bearing Failure 

    • Common causes
    • Appearance of Bearing Failures
  • 12:00
  • Lunch

  • 12:30
  • Review of Bearing Standards:

    • ISO 281
      ISO/TS 16281
      ISO 76
  • 13:00
  • Bearing Analysis in RomaxDESIGNER:

    • Preload force to displacement (gap) and vice-versa
      Roller profiles and edge loading
      Effect of fit and temperature on internal clearance
  • 15:30
  • Workshop Finished