Japan Innovation Summit & User Conference 2018

Location: Tokyo
Date: 22nd May 2018

Japan Innovation Summit & User Conference 2018

Romax Technology's Innovation Summit & User Conference 2018

22nd May, Landmark Square, Tokyo, Japan

We are delighted to announce this year’s Romax Japan Innovation Summit & User Conference 2018, which will be taking place at Landmark Square in Tokyo, 22nd May 2018.

It is now 6 years since we introduced the theme of electrification to our forums, highlighting the pioneering work that Romax was doing on understanding the behaviour of integrated electro-mechanical drivelines. In this time, it has grown from a curious sideshow to be the central theme of our forum, and of course of the industry as a whole.

The theme of this year’s Summit is “Multi-Physics Optimisation of Electrified Drivelines”. One key challenge in designing of these drivelines is in understanding the way that different physical phenomena interact with one another. It is not sufficient to consider one type of physical behaviour in isolation, but neither is it acceptable to cross-couple every conceivable interaction in a slow and confusing multi-physics mega-model.

In this years Innovation Conference and User Summit you will see how Romax have gone about developing a pragmatic approach, understanding where these influences are significant and need to be included, and identifying where they can be discarded. A range of presentations from Romax and its partners will illustrate how this innovation has been applied to ‘Right First Time’ design.


User Forum Highlights...

  • Meet Romax Technical experts
  • Hear from renowned keynote speakers
  • Listen to user case studies and customer success stories
  • Network with your peers across industry
  • Meet fellow Romax users
  • Network at our evening event


Who should attend?

If you’re new to Romax, why not join us and find out more about our technology, watch product demonstrations, chat with our expert team and discover how other companies have implemented our tools in their processes.


Already part of the Romax Global Community? Join us and hear from renowned keynote speakers, find out the latest developments in our products and have one-to-one meetings with our team.


Our Romax Innovation Summit & User Conference’s are aimed at engineers, designers, analysts, engineering managers and senior leaders involved with gears, drivetrains and bearings from within the automotive, EV, off-road, agriculture, heavy industry, bearings, marine and wind energy sectors.


Registration finished - For more information on our Forum, please email japanforum@romaxtech.com or call our Tokyo office on +81 (0) 3 5767 9488



22nd May 2018

  • 9:30
  • Registration

  • 10:30
  • Welcome Speech
    - Harumichi Tsuboi, Chief Engineer, Romax Technology Japan

  • 10:35
  • Keynote

    - Presented by Andy Poon, CEO, Romax Technology

  • 10:55
  • CAE in the Initial Desgin - Bearing Life Prediction with the assembly 
    - Mr. Nobuaki Nishimura, Assistant Manager, Toyota

  • 11:25
  • NVH analysis of an EV driveline with JMAG and RomaxDESIGNER

    - Dr. Melanie Michon, Head of Electrification, Romax Technology and Mr. Hiroyuki Sano , Manager - JMAG Division, JSOL

  • 12:05
  • Lunch

  • 12:50
  • Cost Efficient Powertrain Concept for PHEV
    - Mr Oscar Sarmiento-Head of Engineering Japan Continental  & Mr. Andreas Riedel, Project Manager, Continental

  • 13:30
  • Case Study and Lessons learned in >20 EV drive-unit projects

    - Chris Blockley, General Manager (Japan & Korea), Romax Technology

  • 14:10
  • Design and Application Challenges in Electrified Drivetrains for Commercial Vehicles
    - Dr. Melanie Michon, Head of Electrification, Romax Technology

  • 14:50
  • Break

  • 15:10
  • Toroidal Core CVT, Design analysis tool for Concept stage
    - Mr. Jin Tomita, Engineer, Honda

  • 16:00
  • Advanced Root Stress Anaylsis of Thin Rimmed Gears
    - Dr Jamie Pears, Head of Product Management, Romax Technology

  • 16:40
  • The Importance of variability analysis to design robust, reliable transmissions

    - Dr Jamie Pears, Head of Product Management, Romax Technology

  • 17:20
  • Feedback

  • 17:30
  • Closing Speech

    - Harumichi Tusboi, Chief Engineer, Romax Technology Japan

  • 18:00
  • Networking evening

  • 20:00
  • End of event

Japan Innovation Summit & User Conference 2018 Romax Speakers

Andy Poon

CEO, Romax Technology

Andy played a key role in driving Romax’s year- onyeargrowth, which led to the company receivinga Queen’s Award for International Trade in both 2005 and 2009. CEO since 2013, previous roles included Head of InSight serving the wind energy sector, and Software and Engineering Product Manager roles dealing with gearbox noise, vibration and harshness issues for the automotive and wind sectors. Joining Romax in 1992 as a software engineer, he played a central role in developing our flagship RomaxDESIGNER software. A sub-committee member of the IEC 61400-22 Wind Turbine Certification Advisory Council, Andy studied Computer Sciences & Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr Melanie Michon

Head of Electrification, Romax Technology

 Melanie has gained a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, and MSc and BEng degrees in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and Hogeschool Limburg in The Netherlands, respectively. She has sixteen years of professional experience leading to a strong expertise in the fields of electrical machines and power electronics for automotive and renewable energy applications. She joined Romax in April 2014 as R&D Programme Manager, where she has managed a range of collaborative R&D projects in automotive, aerospace and wind and successfully set up partnerships and gained funding for collaborative research. Her current role involves developing and commercialising new electro-mechanical design and analysis capabilities, as well as continuing to seek new opportunities for research partnerships.

Dr Jamie Pears

Head of Product Management, Romax Technology

Dr Pears has an MSc and PhD in Physics from Nottingham University, UK. As Product Manager of CONCEPT and RomaxDESIGNER, as well as overall Head of Product Management, Jamie is involved in setting the overall direction of the Romax Technology software products, communicating with customers and directing the software development team.


Chris Blockley

General Manager (Japan and Korea), Romax Technology

Having achieved a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, Chris Blockley has occupied a number of key roles in Romax offices around the world since joining the company in 2005.

As General Manager, Chris leads the sales and technical teams delivering software solutions and engineering services for clients in Korea and Japan. For key projects, Chris manages globally distributed and highly skilled teams to ensure superior local delivery of Romax’s consultancy services. Chris has extensive experience of the product development process and of troubleshooting, problem resolution and design optimisation for technical issues such as NVH and durability.

Japan Innovation Summit and User Conference 2018 - Guest Speakers

Mr. Michiaki Nishimura

Assistant Manager, Toyota

Mr. Michiaki Nishimura joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 2007. He was initially positioned at the Specialized Analytical Department in the field of drive -train and mainly engaged in reliability analysis and development of CAE support. Since 2013, he has practiced and established a new way of working analysts in advance design at the Drivetrain Design Department. After that, he was assigned to work at Project Promotion, CAE Technology Development and Process Department where he is currently positioned.

Mr. Hiroyuki Sano

Manager, JMAG Division, JSOL

Hiroyuki Sano joined JSOL Corporation in 2000 and has been working for the development of the electromagnetic simulation software JMAG. He worked as a visiting scholar in Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power electronics Consortium (WEMPEC) during 2008-2009. He is working in JSOL Corporation as the manager of the user  support and marketing group.

Mr. Jin Tomita

Engineer, Honda

Since joining Honda R&D team in 2009, Mr. Tomita has been involved in various development phases of in house developments for powertrain drive. In recent years, he has completed his research in hybrid systems internally and focusing his attention in designing electrification transmission vehicles.

Mr. Oscar Sarmiento

Head of Engineering Japan Continental, Continental Automotive Japan

Oscar Sarmiento is currently Head of Engineering Japan and Global Head of Advanced Development at Continental AG BU Transmission. His team are responsible for system analysis, control design and system integration in the area of advanced development. Currently, Mr. Sarmiento is leading the development of novel control algorithms and component integration methods for HEV and EV applications. Mr. Sarmiento has over a decade of international experience in conceptual design, system modeling, rapid prototyping, validation and serialization of control systems to improve response of thermodynamic, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical processes. Prior to joining Continental in 2013, Mr. Sarmiento held several positions at GE. During this period, he was responsible for New-Technology Introduction (NTI) in the area of Model- Based Control (MBC). Mr. Sarmiento began his carrier in 2002 as power systems engineer, working on system analysis and control

Mr. Andreas Riedel

Project Manager, Engineering Systems & Innovation Powertrain Continental Automotive

Mr Riedel started his career at the Technical University Cottbus. After he finished his Master of Science degree he joint Continental AG in the Graduate Program as a process and system engineer. Since 2017 he became a Project Manager in the System & Innovation of BU Transmission.