Romax Winter Webinar Series

Welcome to the Romax Technology Winter Webinar Series. We are delighted to bring to you a series of webinars and workshops that feature the latest technical developments in line with emerging industry trends. This series aims to specifically target your design and analysis challenges and ultimately highlight how you can maximise your potential with the Romax Software Suite.

Meeting the demands of our customers is our highest priority. We’ve taken on board the challenges faced by many, and devised a comprehensive series that is specifically tailored to meet these requirements.

In an era where adaptability is one of the most important qualities, make sure you stay at the forefront of modern technology with Romax

Remove the barrier between CAD and CAE: Seamless collaboration

For many of our customers, CAD FUSION is an indispensable part of the Romax product suite. From concept to detailed design, it facilitates a fast, reliable, repeatable process to transfer 2D and 3D geometry between Romax software and CAD packages. By massively reducing the time to build models and share design changes, CAD FUSION allows CONCEPT & RomaxDESIGNER to be positioned at the very heart of the transmission design process.

In this webinar series, you will be introduced to CAD FUSION and learn about some of its unique capabilities. Aided by some extended demos you will see the different ways geometric data can be exchanged between Romax software and virtually any commercial CAD system.  For expert users there will also be a session looking at some of the advanced capabilities of CAD FUSIONincluding hints and tips to help you extract the maximum benefit from the software.

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