NVH in transmission and driveline: A CAE-led approach

In the world of transmissions and drivelines, the demand today is for higher quality, more innovative products that need to be developed quickly, efficiently and at lower cost. There are 3 important challenges that engineers must face if they are to meet these demands:

  • NVH needs to be considered as an integral part of the development process alongside other key performance targets. It is no longer acceptable to discover NVH problems at the prototype stage. A CAE-led approach to NVH is needed to ensure a “Right First Time” design.
  • The new era of hybrid and electric drivelines poses particular new challenges for NVH. Novel topologies, challenging load conditions and a dramatically different acoustic environment combine with the need to consider gear and motor noise simultaneously. This means new simulation technologies and new collaborative processes must be introduced.
  • Finally, as well as needing new tools for new technologies, engineers understand that these tools exist within a CAE ecosystem. For process automation and joined-up collaboration these tools must work together to provide engineering answers to engineering questions

This webinar series will show you how Romax software tools address these issues and help you to meet your NVH goals.