The RomaxDESIGNER Isight component: seamlessly integrating Romax driveline analysis models into an Isight study or optimisation

Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Presented by: Mr Vinit Murmu, Applications Engineer, Product Management, Romax Technology

Early Session

8:00AM BST / 4.00AM ET/17.00PM CST

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Late Session

16:00PM BST / 12.00PM ET/1.00AM CST

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Integrating software tools into one streamlined process is a big challenge. Isight’s powerful capabilities for effectively and efficiently managing simulation-based design processes enables optimisation and automation using all products within its platform. A RomaxDESIGNER component has recently been added, which allows Isight’s optimisation algorithms, six sigma reliability and robustness studies to be used on RomaxDESIGNER models. This also means RomaxDESIGNER can now be integrated, through Isight, with many other third party software tools.  

This webinar will describe and demonstrate how RomaxDESIGNER’s batch running capability can be used to fully exploit the advantages provided by Isight.


  • See the new RomaxDESIGNER Isight component in action  
  • Understand the benefits that incorporating RomaxDESIGNER into an Isight process can bring 
  • Learn how the RomaxDESIGNER Isight component can be used for optimisation and automation  
  • Learn tools for effective and efficient management of simulation-based design processes  

Who should attend: 

CAE Managers, Engineering Design Managers, Integration Managers  and Problem Solving Industry Experts 

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