Wind turbine main bearing life extended with Romax grease flushing

Experiencing problems with a failing main bearing which was running at above permitted temperatures at a wind farm in North America, this existing client looked to Romax for ways to minimise downtime of the turbine and reduce expensive unscheduled repairs.

Using a custom-made grease flushing product and method (patent pending), Romax engineers were able to remove over 95% of debris-ridden, damage-causing grease and replace it with clean materials to dramatically cut down continued damage to the component, reducing temperatures to well below the wind farm’s average and extending its life until planned maintenance could take place. 

“We saved significant money on this bearing failure due to the Romax process by optimizing repair scheduling and reducing downtime. We would look to this process on future failing bearings to save money again.”
Wind Farm General Manager

Although expecting to extend the life of the bearing for 3-6 months, the results were so effective that another flush was carried out five months after the first, allowing maintenance delays for an entire additional year. 

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