For rapid gearbox concept design and analysis, reduced errors, improved processes, faster time to market and reduced development costs.


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"Concept has taken our key, early stage design calculations from several weeks to several hours."

"I just did these calculations without Concept and it took me several weeks. In Concept it would have taken me a few hours and I could have iterated in a couple of days"

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CONCEPT delivers increased innovation, faster time to market and improved product quality with intelligent and rapid concept design and analysis capability for ground vehicle, wind turbine and geared transmissions manufacturers.

CONCEPT brings easy to use and sophisticated modelling and calculation capability to the conceptual design phase of driveline development. It enables the rapid planning, development and testing of concept driveline design options, and seamless transfer to RomaxDESIGNER or other CAE or CAD systems for detailed design and analysis. CONCEPT will save development time and cost, and improve the performance and quality of the manufactured driveline.

Automating and optimizing the crucial early stages of design:

  • CONCEPT allows new design ideas to be evaluated rapidly, promoting creativity and innovation
  • Provides improved workflow efficiency for established gearbox and driveline design teams
  • Easy-to-use interface means new users become productive quickly
  • Advanced analytics guide crucial design decisions early in the process
  • New intelligent design features enable high levels of automation
  • Seamless integration with CAD and gear design systems

Features and benefits

Concept design is a vital aspect of gearbox and driveline product development. Early design decisions are crucial in shaping product performance, robustness and durability as well as in minimizing manufacturing and operating costs.

This stage of development can be expensive and time consuming due to the use less sophisticated tools and finite analytical engineering resource availability - the result is that many engineered products fail to reach their full potential of innovation and quality.

CONCEPT rises to these multiple challenges, transforming the effectiveness of concept engineering with these key features:


  • Built-in templates for a range of driveline applications, and the option to create a clean sheet gearbox design
  • Includes gears, shafts, bearings, engine models, electric motor, wheels, multiple power loads.


  • Enables users to predict vehicle behaviour by specifying vehicle parameters
  • Identifies optimal gearbox ratios to achieve desired performance


  • Built-in bearing databases from leading bearing suppliers
  • Enables the sizing and selection of bearings at the earliest stage of the design


  • Allows for the optimization of gear ratios to achieve required system performance
  • A guided, step-by-step approach to the design and analysis of gears using detailed parameters
  • Automatic optimization ensures suitability of gears for specified application


  • User-defined models produce unit cost estimations
  • Offers gear and bearing durability predictions
  • Allows assessment of NVH performance at an early stage of the design process

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