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    RomaxWind is the specialist wind energy implementation of the market-leading multi-industry RomaxDesigner software.


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RomaxWind is the specialist wind energy implementation of the market-leading multi-industry RomaxDesigner software, configured to meet the precise requirements of wind turbine gearboxes and drivetrains.

Representing the gold standard for high quality CAE-driven design, its proven solution methodology - based on incorporating highly detailed, state of the art, gear and bearing models within a coupled representation of the whole system - delivers a uniquely accurate and highly efficient toolset.

RomaxWind is the only engineering software to be awarded the GL certification for its gear and shaft calculation method.

RomaxWind is a virtual product development and simulation environment for the design and analysis of wind turbine gearboxes, bearings and drivetrains and is used by wind turbine gearbox manufacturers, wind turbine system providers and wind turbine owners/operators across the globe.

Designed to add value, its use can reduce costly design iterations, develop robust products and facilitate a unique understanding of component and system behaviour.

RomaxWind can simultaneously model and analyse bearing deflection, shaft misalignment, spline deflection, gear mesh misalignment and housing deflection to create an all-in-one analysis.

RomaxWind is the industry specific package of RomaxDesigner, the world's first object orientated engineering design software. With 20 years of experience across industry and a proven track record of working with the world's largest engineering companies, Romax is a trusted global partner.

RomaxWind as part of your design process

RomaxWind is built entirely in-house and uses non-linear bearing stiffness representation which is written and tested by Romax, and validated with external customer data. Our design process has been tried and tested across industry and adopted by some of the world's leading OEMs.

Features and benefits

RomaxWind is a high-end computer aided engineering package that revolutionises the process of component design and increases our understanding of system behaviour.

  • System modelling
  • Full drivetrain & gearbox system modelling - including shafts, gears & bearings
  • Mass & inertia of blades, generator etc can be included
  • Considers effects of all press-fits and clearances
  • Full 3D representation of the gearbox

Bearing modelling

  • Any bearing arrangement can be modelled - RomaxWIND contains bearing catalogues from the major suppliers or can be customised with your own bearing definitions
  • Fully non-linear bearing models including internal geometry & clearances

Gear modelling

  • Gears can be modelled either as a concept or detailed model, giving the user control over the level of detail
  • Planetary gears and planet carriers can be defined in any configuration
  • Gear material database included

Shaft & spline modelling

  • Shafts and shaft assemblies can be defined in any configuration
  • Splines can be defined to ISO 4156, DIN 5480 and ANSI B92.2M
  • Shaft material database included


  • Load cases can be defined on a case by case basis

Analysis & rating methods

  • Gear analysis: can be rated to ISO6336-1996, DIN 3990:1987 and AGMA 2001-C95
  • Bearing analysis: can be rated to ISO 281 rev 1 / 2, DIN ISO Supp 4.
  • Spline analysis: can be rated to DIN 5466 and the SAE Design Guide Standard
  • Gears and bearings duty cycle life calculations using Miners rule analysis
  • System deflection and forces predicted including thermal expansion

Results visualisation

  • Results visualised as a 2D or 3D view
  • Calculation of component and system reliability, based on variability of load and material strength
  • Gear mesh misalignment classification, gives component level contribution to the predicted misalignment

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