Safe, reliable and durable design for gearbox systems and bearing selections.

Our RomaxAERO experts have been helping ensure safe, reliable and durable transmission in this safety-critical sector since 1989.

We do this through our combined engineering software and services solutions that help enhance aircraft performance, increasing aircraft safety, fuel efficiency and lowering risks. We help our clients create, analyse and optimise concept layouts and detailed designs for gearbox systems and bearing selection.



Our award winning software and engineering services enables the user to increase product quality, by helping you create the optimal design and analyse the whole system at both concept and detailed design stage. 


With the ability to test different options and load scenarios at any stage of the design process, you can also reduce noise, vibration, emissions and crucially the risk of failure.




Ways we can help:

  • Design, analysis and review
  • Manufacturing support
  • Problem investigation
  • Testing & Certification Support
  • Award-winning, strategic consulting for process improvements
  • Training
Aerospace accessory gearbox model

Aerospace accessory gearbox model


Turbine Auxiliary Gearbox expertise in:


  • Modelling the complete turbine auxiliary gearbox
  • Full system analysis taking into account gear micro-geometry
  • Using our software RomaxDESIGNER enable us to perform parametric studies to assess the impact of manufacturing tolerances, bearing clearances on the gearbox reliability
  • A wide range of gearbox design such as planetary, bevel gear, spur, helicoidal

Case study for Geared Turbofan Development


Requirement: Transmission engineers continually need to develop new and innovative solutions to improve efficiency, reducing pollutants and fuel consumption. 

Services provided: Using a combination of our practical engineering software we were able to assess a large number of early design concepts in terms of durability and efficiency. In the development of a geared turbofan or turboprop, the gearbox is utilized to power a propeller at controlled speeds to remove excess power from the turbine and increase efficiency. We were able to develop this system to make reductions in fuel burn, engine noise, CO2 and NOX emissions.



Helicopter Gearbox expertise in:


  • Throughout the design process; component analysis, system influence analysis, optimization of components and system, final integrity and virtual test of complete powertrain
  • In modelling complete helicopter driveline including main gearbox, drive shafts, rotor head and angles drives.
  • Driveline consideration and system optimization

A trusted, confidential and experienced partner, we work with you to provide confidence in the design at an early stage in the development process to achieve the optimum levels for durability, vibration, efficiency and weight.

Our US office is certified to operate under ITAR conditions whilst client NDAs govern our other sensitive work.