The world’s top six bearing manufacturers use our software and services. We are world leading experts, covering bearing life, durability, bearing selection and failures.


Bearing expertise lies at the core of Romax Technology.


We offer a full system solutions approach to bearings, enabling our customers to:

  • Predict bearing life and durability

  • Assess bearing selection to reduce cost, save time and improve performance

  • Forensically analyse bearing failure

Our world leading software and engineering services offer assessment of all aspects of bearing design for a wide range of applications.

Our Software


  • Early stage concept bearing analysis using CONCEPT

  • Fast and reliable bearing selection, informed by accurate system predications

  • Investigate root causes and understand bearing performance with RomaxDESIGNER

  • Accurate, advanced and fast detailed bearing analysis with RomaxDESIGNER

  • Flexible bearing analysis with RomaxDESIGNER


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New ‘Enhanced Roller Contact’ model is designed to provide unrivalled accuracy, robustness and analysis speed particularly under extreme load conditions. It is virtually applicable to all aspects of bearing analysis in RomaxDESIGNER R17.

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Bearing selection needs to be conducted quickly, reliably and accurately at the concept level design stage to reduce the risk of failures. If a bearing failure occurs during the development phase, it will extend the overall transmission process and delay start of production (SOP). 


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Case study in Axle Box Bearing Investigation

Requirement: bearing supplier investigation

Services provided: Increasing failures of axle box bearings on a modern fleet of diesel multiple units caused growing concern. Romax engineers undertook root cause analysis along with a detailed and cost effective investigation based on deep knowledge of axle box bearing and gearboxes, comprising three linked work packages and using optimised simulation software.

Requirement: To provide durability calculations for a specified duty cycle and extreme load cases, as required for GL certification.

Services provided: Detailed shaft geometry, complex planetary gear systems, spline connections, FE housing models and internal bearing details. Evaluate and select bearings using load distributions, calculate life according to ISO standards, investigate and optimize pre-load, clearances, misalignment, bearing internal geometry and lubrication conditions. Romax produced reports with the durability results required to satisfy GL guidelines. The reports have allowed the supplier to successfully use their products in wind turbine applications.

Case study in wind Bearing manufacturer certification

Case study for Off-Highway bearing supplier

Requirement: To review a medium duty truck transmission, to assess bearings from low cost suppliers

Services provided: Detailed analysis of the bearing types using RomaxDESIGNER's whole system approach; Romax support during the audit of the potential bearing manufacturer. Bearing selection and optimization was achieved based on analysis of the complete gearbox system. Pre-load, misalignment, lubrication and production variability were assessed, to identify key influences on bearing performance.


"When we started seeing an increasing number of bearing failures in a particular fleet of rolling stock, it was imperative that we tracked down the cause and that is when we decided to engage an independent investigator.

We approached Romax because of its reputation and wealth of experience with modelling and, there is a lot of pressure to make sure that our business is always running efficiently. The expert engineers we were assigned were incredibly professional and knew exactly what to look for when managing the analysis of our system. We are now in a much better position to examine the causes our axle box bearing failures following the investigation carried out (to date) by Romax.”

Damien Lambert, Technical Support Manager, Irish Rail