Helping customer organisations to focus on enabling higher torque, dealing with complex power flows and larger load.


Romax have worked with the largest and most specialist off-highway industry leaders to support their design and development. Agricultural and off-road projects have included gear box design review, NVH analysis, bearing investigation, bearing condition review, static and dynamic gearbox analysis.

With so much transmission diversity from manual to hybridisation, Romax experts and software can help you drive down your cost whilst increasing the efficiency of the off-highway vehicle as well as improving shift quality.


Romax R&D case study in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Efficiency

Romax R&D case study in Heavy-Duty Vehicle Efficiency

Project details:

Funding body: Energy Technologies Institute.

Project partners: Romax Technology (lead), Castrol, ANSYS, Timken.

Duration: 4 years (2012-2016).

Aim: Develop a range of cost-effective technologies to reduce fuel consumption by 2-5% across a range of heavy-duty vehicle applications.

Romax responsibilities:

  • Project management,
  • Investigate efficient gear and bearing designs to reduce axle power losses,
  • Test the new technologies at component and system level.

Project outcome: Romax met the project target and significantly reduced parasitic losses by 60%.


Romax can supply expert engineering services and software to satisfy a number of requirements including:


  • Design - system design to improve reliability, durability and performance
  • Analysis - predict system and bearing behaviour under misuse or other conditions, forecast life, identify sources of system noise and improve NVH performance
  • Testing - advice and support on testing programmes, virtual testing for extreme load conditions
  • Problem solving - improve NVH and gear shift performance

Requirement: To model the excavator gearbox using data and drawings provided by the customer and calculate the stress at the planetary carrier, ring gear, and housing stress using static finite element analysis.

Services provided: Romax were able to achieve a good set of results for the planetary carrier and housing which were validated against test measurements with excellent correlation.

Case study in Excavator Gearbox Static Analysis

Case study in Fork Lift Drive Axle NVH Analysis

Requirement: Romax were asked to undertake virtual modelling of the complete axle including static and dynamic analysis of the axle system, analysis of gear mesh misalignment and planetary gear contact and a comparison of the dynamic analysis results with the customer’s analysis tools and measured test data.

Services provided: This was the first Romax project to analyse the complete axle for an off-road vehicle considering the flexibility of the body structure.