Automation and productivity – for accelerating simulation efficiency

Get more insight by doing more analysis more quickly

Significant speed improvements for FE condensation, NVH analysis and model handling

Order of magnitude reduction in solution times for today’s large, complex, high frequency models

  • Condensation times reduced by more than 10 times for FE components with many modes
  • Dynamic analysis, calculation of vibration response and operating deflection shape for FE-heavy NVH models up to 20 times faster
  • Greatly enhanced productivity – spend more time doing engineering and less time calculating
  • Enabler for sensitivity and optimisation studies where analysis is performed many times

Save NVH results for comparison and quick access to historical data

Improve simulation throughput by saving NVH analysis for later use:

  • Results saved independently of design file – no need to open the model to review results
  • Show multiple results side-by-side for comparison of design variants
  • Faster than re-running analysis for large, complex models

Integration with Isight, modeFRONTIER and Optimus

R18 features improved, easy to use integration with leading multi-objective optimisation software, enabling detailed driveline models from RomaxDESIGNER to be integrated within advanced automation, integration and optimization processes.

  • Enables RomaxDESIGNER analyses to be integrated within external processes such as Multi-objective Optimisation, Design of Experiments and Six-Sigma reliability and robustness studies.
  • Allows integration with many other third party software tools, including Excel, MATLAB, CATIA and SOLIDWORKS, enabling automatic mapping of input and output parameters, improving process automation and decreasing development time.

Improvements to custom reporting, parametric study and batch running

Additional options have been made available in custom reporting, parametric study and batch running, further broadening RomaxDESIGNER’s automation and optimisation capabilities, including:

  • Transmission error and GBTE results added to custom reporting
  • New datasets available for clearance bearings, stiffness bearings, rigid connections and splines
  • Perform gear FE root stress analysis as part of a DoE or batch running operation
  • Component mass, polar inertia and extra gear bending stress results have been added as results/targets to the DoE and Batch Running interfaces

And Many More...


  • Support for external FE condensation in NX Nastran
  • Faster calculation and display of FE static deflections
  • Weighted RBE3 connections
  • Improved handling of models with large numbers of condensation nodes
  • Improved checks for connected nodes


  • Only calculate FE mode shapes in frequency range
  • Calculate FE mode shapes for subsets of FE components
  • Default Rayleigh damping definition for NVH and acoustic analysis


  • Load case dependent gravity
  • Improvements to 3D model graphics and manipulation


  • Generate load cases from clutch permutations in CONCEPT
  • New bearing databases
  • Specification of gear tolerances
  • Usability improvements including component selection and bearing visualisation
  • Conversion of RomaxDESIGNER Ravigneaux gear sets to CONCEPT
  • L20 and L50 bearing life calculations