R17 Gear analysis - for superior efficiency

State-of-the-art analytical models for weight reduction and improved efficiency

Root Stress

Advanced Finite Element numerical analysis tool for assessing gear bending strength within a full RomaxDESIGNER model


  • Advanced Finite Element gear root stress analysis
  • Accounting for gear rim distortion, specifically for thin rim gears or highly loaded gears
  • The gear model is automatically meshed and set up
  • No third-party Finite Element tools or expertise required
  • Suitable for analysis of internal and external parallel gears

Gear mesh efficiency

FVA 345 calculation method allows accurate comparison of lubricant performance and gear geometry early in the design process in order to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • FVA 345 - industry standard test developed by the FZG institute
  • Enables users to investigate and easily compare the efficiency of different lubricants
  • Differentiate between lubricants depending on contact conditions and lubricant composition; considering the lubricant and gear mesh efficiency at high loads
  • The FVA 345 method can be used to analyse the effect of gear macro and micro geometry on mesh efficiency
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your lubricants by analysis rather than testing, to result in time and cost savings
  • 10 commonly used example lubricants compatible with this method have been provided in the lubricant database