R17 Integration – for process optimisation

Enhanced automation of RomaxDESIGNER’s powerful capabilities, delivering efficient repeatable workflows for a streamlined process and improved product quality

Batch Running Enhancements


Faster automated investigations of different gear design options and reliable and accurate virtual testing with large duty cycles.


  • Large sets of load cases can be analysed individually and the results used to calculate the gear duty cycle safety factors for any gear set in an automated process

  • Gear macro geometry can now be edited and optimised as an automated process

  • Perform Design of Experiment studies and integrate with third party tools


Interfaces to external automation tools


External control and integration of RomaxDESIGNER for streamlined, repeatable and automated multidisciplinary design space exploration and analysis.


  • Comet adapter by Comet Solutions enables close integration of RomaxDESIGNER with third party CAD, Finite Element Analysis and other CAE tools

  • Dedicated interfaces to RomaxDESIGNER is now available for Isight and will soon be for Optimus

  • Integrate RomaxDESIGNER into modeFRONTIER workflows and optimisations

  • Improved open-source Excel tool for batch running of RomaxDESIGNER supplied with the software

Watch our teaser video highlighting the new batch running features available now...