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Advanced predictive capabilities for confident design decision-making right from the start

Advanced planetary sideband dynamics

A unique frequency domain based solution for faster planetary sideband simulation in gear systems to allow for sensitivity analysis, and optimisation of noise and vibration performance.


  • Accounting for the effects of rotating gear mesh forces in a planetary gear system, and component rotation on the full system vibration response
  • View the input excitations for each gear mesh in the planetary stage and the resultant response
  • Methodology validated against test data in an automatic transmission
  • Results viewer opens in separate application; results can be compared, saved and exported

Exporting structural response to acoustic analysis


Cost effective solution that transfers housing vibration responses from RomaxDESIGNER directly into acoustic radiation simulation software, bypassing the need for finite element analysis packages.


  • Exported file vibration results in .OP2 format that can be accessed in Ansol Coustyx, LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics, MSC Actran and others
  • Further analysis can be performed in external programmes, for e.g. calculating radiated noise
  • Export a reduced set of nodes to help speed up acoustic analysis

Watch our demo video on the new sidebands feature available now...

Watch our demo video on the new acoustic feature available now...