Main Bearing Life Extension

Extend wind turbine main bearing life to reduce O&M costs



Mitigate the cost of wind turbine main bearing failures

Romax InSight’s patented main bearing grease flushing technology reduces the metallic particulates and water content by more than 95% and significantly extends the bearing’s life.

Main bearing grease flushing is provided as a licensed technology in conjunction with your local site teams or as a turnkey service for onshore and offshore wind farms. Our specialised equipment allows for almost all of the old grease to be removed up-tower and replaced with fresh grease.

Existing methods in the wind industry for maintaining the main bearing lubrication, such as auto-lubrication and grease purging, do not remove contaminated grease from the system. This is where Romax InSight's technique wins out: removing harmful, debris-contaminated grease and water from wind turbines, cleaning it out with a unique patent-pending process, and replacing it with clean grease. 


Key Benefits:

Extend life to reduce unplanned maintenance costs

Reduce and manage the cost of main bearing failures

Minimise unscheduled down time

Optimise repair schedules



  Maintenance strategies at different stages of main bearing wear

 Strategy #1: During early stages of wear

 Flush bearings proactively using predictive maintenance for long life extension.

 Romax InSight's flushing prioritiser is used as a decision tool to combine data from grease sampling, vibration, temperature and life  consumption to target bearings for flushing where damage is still at early stages or the lubrication condition is poor.

  Reduce operating temperatures
  Reduce wear, debris denting and pitting
  Extend main bearing life significantly

 Strategy #2: During late stages of wear

 Flush bearings found in poor condition to extend life as part of the process of managing the cost of failures

 In this case, the bearing can have its life extended until a suitable service or swap-out time can be arranged, minimising unplanned  downtime and often fitting in with existing schedules; life extension for already damaged bearings has been as long as 24 months after  initial flush.

  Reduce operating temperatures
  High wind/sea season survival
  Extend main bearing life significantly to synchronise crane activity with existing schedules




Combined technologies

Take a data-driven approach to wind power O&M. Combine our flushing service with our predictive maintenance technology and we can help you select the bearings most in need of life extension.

  • Fleet Monitor™ software and monitoring services for early detection of main bearing damage to enable proactive flushing.
  • ecoCMS™ proven low-cost condition monitoring system to enable main bearing monitoring where CMS is not installed or not affordable.
  • Our Portable Vibration System (PVS) and main bearing health assessment service to enable proactive flushing.
  • Field Pro™ service & inspection app and web portal to record and track main bearing condition for the life of your assets. 



Kruger Energy
Romax InSight has performed their flushing process on several of our main bearings, which has helped extend their life and maintain productivity. We are now implementing flushing as part of our main bearing maintenance practices and this will contribute to reducing our overall maintenance costs.

JJ Davis, Operations & Maintenance Manager, Kruger Energy

We saved significant money on this bearing failure due to the Romax process by optimizing repair scheduling and reducing downtime. We would look to this process on future failing bearings to save money again.

General Manager, US Wind Farm

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