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If you’ve ever sat on a train, driven a car, traversed a building site, blended a milkshake, or paid an electricity bill, then the chances are you are in a chain of events that has been touched or shaped by Romax, its services or software.

As a global leader in software and services for rotating + electric machinery, we work with more than 250 organisations, and our existence depends on helping them develop the right product, at the right time, for the right people.  

Expert People


We have 250 global employees who cover over 40 specialisms across consulting, process improvement, design, analysis, testing and manufacturing.

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Global Reach


We have 12 offices in the USA, China, Japan, Korea, India and Europe which enables us to provide services with local knowledge across the globe.

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With our customers, we take a 'whole solution' approach to help you solve critical challenges and get it Right First Time™.

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As a business founded on inspiration, innovation and improvement, we have been working since 1989 to provide:

  • Software - targeted design and analysis tools for designers, analysts and engineers that support management goals

  • Engineering Services - proven engineering and support services, from concept and detailed designs through analysis to validation, testing, manufacture and end-to-end process improvements

Butterfly is chosen as our logo because We believe in what is known as ‘the butterfly effect’ which states that ‘An event as small as a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas could set off a chain reaction of events culminating in a snowstorm in Tibet.’ That’s our philosophy, in fact, and it does a great job of describing the importance we place on everything we do, from the smallest initial idea to the largest mature concept.

Model Based Engineering 2016 Winner

2014 Grand Prix Award •2014 Consultancy of the Year


Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade - WINNER

  • 2009 and 2004

Queen's Award for Innovation - WINNER

  • 2009

Quality Assurance

Our quality management commitment is designed to ensure that all Romax products and services are quality assured and delivered in line with industry best practice.

We are certified to ISO 9001, the world’s most popular standard for quality management.

Information Security


Romax is committed to maintaining a high level of information security and is certified to ISO 27001.


Occupational Health and Safety

Romax is committed to maintaining a high level of occupational health and safety for our customers and employees.

We are certified to ISO 18001, the internationally applied British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems.


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