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Presented by: Simon White, Product Manager Romax Technology

The latest development of RomaxDESIGNER R17 bearing technology sees the release of a new ‘Enhanced Roller Contact’ model designed to provide unrivaled accuracy, robustness, and analysis speed, particularly under extreme load conditions.

This new technology will provide bearing suppliers and sector OEM’s an in-depth insight into bearing performance and potential issues.

Key features

  • New approach to bearing contact analysis
  • Accurate, validated prediction of stresses due to edge contact
  • Includes consideration of material strength
  • Multi-threaded for the fastest possible run times
  • Compatible with manufacturers proprietary (encrypted), Romax bearing data catalogs for inclusion of detailed bearing geometry
  • Implemented for all roller bearing types
  • Compatible with ISO TS 16281
  • Works for rigid and flexible bearings
  • Accurately calculated Cu ratings

The new model is fast enough to be enabled by default and is applicable to virtually all aspects of bearing analysis in RomaxDESIGNER. It is particularly suitable to analysing edge stresses under extreme loads or misalignments and is capable of predicting issues which other solutions are likely to miss.