Infinite Possibilities.

Software Partners and Supported Products.

Working within Romax's ecosystem puts the cutting-edge technology of Romax's partner solutions at your fingertips, giving you limitless ways to bring incredible products to market. These powerful solutions each offer unique capabilities, yet integrate tightly to form a true ecosystem, so you can build integrated, multi-faceted workflows that are genuinely seamless.


Electromagnetic FEA

Moving between electromagnetic and mechanical simulation is easy, with a combined physics simulation methodology to target failure mechanisms that the Romax electrification community recognize as critical issues. Watch the Romax Cobham Opera video



Complement Romax's established gear contact capability with other recognized calculation code. Combine partner gear contact calculations with structural deflection results from Romax. Baseline new designs against historic design benchmark results. 



Accurate and up to date information from bearing suppliers at your fingertips, right from the first concept sketch and the initial bearing selection, all the way through to the final cut. Meaning accurate calculations, and your best chance for an optimized design with a scalable supply chain. 

IWINJTEKTSchaeffler groupTimken

Multi Body Dynamics, Engine and System Analysis

So many failure mechanisms to eliminate in the time domain. Choose the right tool for the job, and drive it through Dynamic FUSION

Gamma Technologies

Engineering Service Providers

Share the same tools and methods between teams. Building trust with an engineering service provider takes years, and we want to preserve these relationships. Romax is open to working with your provider of choice. Download our innoVision Case Study

FraunhoferA-TechInnoVision Engineering

Process Integration and Design Optimisation

Piecing together the elements of a combined process that potentially spans your entire department (and even beyond) is a full time job. We have focused on solving the technical challenge this presents, so that you can focus on the bigger picture. A process, once automated, is ripe for exploring through design optimization software. A dedicated interface to RomaxDESIGNER is now available for Isight



Combine Romax loss models, kinematic models and CAD FUSION 3D geometry with CFD to predict lubricant flow and heat transfer in the whole gearbox. 


Structural FEA

Combine FEA with Romax component models. Use Romax component models to feed accurate boundary conditions into FEA, and vice-a-versa

Altair Abaqus


Use structural response in acoustic analysis, and predict radiated noise, a key target metric for motor and gear whine. 


3D CAD Geometry

The link between Design and Analysis has never been closer. Using our direct modelling platform, we take 3D geometry, clean it up, mesh it, and combine it with our Romax component models. Going the other way, we take parametriclly defined components, and create 3D geometry for use as the basis for detailing work by the CAD team. 

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