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“I am a returning intern at Romax, working in R&D and a lot of my internship involves reading about physical models of electromagnetic effects on electric motors. The work is challenging, but I have the resources and support I need to learn. Once I’ve gained an understanding of how the physics work, I try and turn that into software which can model those effects. The software is then used by others in the engineering division in the building of models for their customers. I’ve found Romax to be a very friendly place where work never feels like just a job.”

Joseph Ajebon, University of Cambridge, R&D Intern

“I’m doing an internship at Romax because I was interested in applying some of the tools and skills I’ve learned over my degree to a work environment. As an R&D intern I am working on developing software to help clients develop powertrains and to develop electric vehicles.”

Jack Sandiford, University of Nottingham, R&D Intern

“I graduated from Nottingham University in 2010 and joined Romax that year after completing my PhD in vibration in large electrical machines. I chose to join Romax because of the range of interesting Mechanical Engineering projects that the company is involved in. During the 4 years I was promoted from a Project Manager to a R&D Programme Manager. Romax has helped my career progression by offering varied roles with increasing responsibility which I have found enjoyable and challenging." 

Annabel Shahaj, R&D Programme Manager

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