Detection of faults in main bearings and gearboxes

Presented by: Dr. Samuel Wharton, Global Monitoring Team Leader & Neil MacDougall, Mechanical Engineer

In this webinar, you will learn how to detect faults in the drivetrain 6-24 months before a failure occurs. See how the Romax InSight team identifies gear and bearing problems and assists wind farm owners/operators to reduce costs and plan major component repairs.

Making O&M decisions is difficult and the right answer is not always clear. In this webinar, you will see how practical methods can help you to make better decisions by understanding the probability of a failure.

Maximising the value from old, legacy CMS can be challenging. In the past, owners have considered ripping out old CMS hardware and replacing it with new. Instead, see how improving your software tools can maximise the value from your data and existing hardware.

This webinar will also demonstrate new features in Romax InSight’s new Fleet Monitor 2.2 software release. These include advanced tools for SCADA analysis, automatic alarm threshold setting and efficient methods for handling new alerts.

This webinar will include:

  • Approaches for detecting faults in gears and bearings 6-24 months before a failure
  • Methods for assessing the risk and likelihood of failure if a turbine continues to run with a known fault, giving you time to plan component repairs
  • Main bearing failure and early-stage detection examples
  • Features in the new Fleet Monitor 2.2 software release including SCADA analysis, user workspaces, wind farm statistics, alarm handling features and automatic alarm threshold setting