Design Review and Advanced Analysis

Design Review


Expert know-how plus fast and accurate simulations to explore designs in depth - to eliminate gear, bearing and synchronizer problems, providing weight savings and bringing down costs

  • Complete review of designs, component drawings and specifications
  • Verify design suitability based on advanced analysis and expert judgement
  • Review customer design against specifications and for certification
  • Sensitivity studies to understand effects of design changes on durability and vibration
  • Appraisal of alternative designs and manufacturing methods
  • Prepare design and analysis reports for end-clients and/or certification

Case study in Design Review

Romax - bearings

Requirement: bearing supplier assessment

Services provided: assess if supplier's product was suitable for application including analysis of risk of changing, quality review completed benchmarking against current supply, use of measured data in analysis, audit and develop supplier manufacturing to meet product quality requirement. We enabled this client to reduce cost by 18% from changing supply course of bearings.

Advanced Analysis


Sophisticated methods verified across multiple successful engagements: optimize the performance of the whole system, improve efficiency, reduce CO2 - and avoid expensive prototyping and testing

  • Assessing all critical aspects of performance on drivetrain and geared systems
  • Analysing misalignment, durability and efficiency of components (gears, bearings, shafts)
  • Duty cycle generation and studying the effects of operating and extreme component loads
  • Parametric studies and sensitivity analyses for design parameters using Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Energy flow analysis for advanced hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains
  • Dynamic analysis of complete drivetrain systems
  • Transmission error analysis with gear geometry optimization to reduce gear whine
  • Validate simulation results with measured vibration test data
  • Gearshift analysis and optimisation


Case study in Design Review

Romax - clutch transmission

Requirement: fully assess dual clutch transmission (DCT) design

Services provided: lubrication and assembly assessment, examine gear misalignment and load distribution factors, FE stress analysis of gearbox housing and shift forks, NVH assessment including gear micro-geometry, transmission error sensitivity analysis and mode shape prediction. We provided notable design changes to the transmission concept to improve gear durability, gear micro-geometry design and bearing support.