Problem and Failure Investigation and Process Improvement

Problem Investigation


Identify and solve problems, with experienced engineers handling design, analysis and physical inspections: eliminate gearbox, bearing and synchronizer failures and target reject rates in production


  • Identify failure root causes and explore countermeasures
  • Inspect and measure drivetrain components for expert assessments on condition
  • Identify failure mode root causes via investigation and advanced simulation
  • Optimise gear design and bearing selection to enhance performance
  • Review the influence of manufacturing quality and metallurgy on durability
Case study in Problem Investigation
Romax - Railway axle box failure

Requirement: investigate railway axle box failure

Services provided: examine the causes of bearing failures; explore analyses previously carried out by other companies/consultants. Our experts identified failure modes that indicated bearing misalignment was causing the problems; assembly tolerance errors had resulted in abnormal loading that previous analyses had not accounted for.

Process Improvements


Drawing on specialist skills and industry knowledge gained worldwide, the due diligence and measurable gains we provide have helped clients speed up product development, save millions of dollars and smooth their entry into new markets.


  • Reduce the number of iterations: save time so you can get to market faster
  • Drive down project costs - and total cost of development
  • Improve staff utilization, share learning and raise skill levels
  • Implement and benefit from the optimum tools
  • Deliver consistently high quality results

Right First Time™ is a proven methodology that includes stakeholder interviews, root cause definition, process mapping, simulation optimization, process design, pilots and specialist consulting, we deliver engineering process improvements for diverse clients in different sectors. It has reduced costs on our own internal projects by up to 70% and has been used successfully with a number of our clients, including Mazda, VW and Hyundai WIA. (please click to read our case studies).


“To meet increasing customer expectation and faster development cycles, GKN Driveline has to get ‘right first time’ to the required product performance, and Romax helps us achieve that - so we can continually improve our methodologies and  products for our customers.”
 - Theo Gassmann, Vice President Advanced Engineering, GKN Driveline

Getting it Right First Time™ 

We help you deliver products faster and at reduced cost through process improvement - so you can overcome the challenges you face in design and development.

  • The drivetrain specialists: for transmission, gearbox and bearings
  • Market surveys and benchmarking technology trends
  • Feasibility studies on new product introduction and development
  • Due diligence of suppliers and acquisitions
  • Design and analysis process improvements
  • Tailored education and training programmes