Efficient Powertrain Integration and Testing

Efficient Powertrain Integration and Testing

Design Services team,

The testing of powertrain, electrification and software-intensive products can be a daunting task, with thousands of requirements to manage, many system interfaces, performance and functionality attributes to demonstrate and robustly verify, the successful delivery of the verification testing phase is no simple endeavour.

Romax has the capability, through the application of robust Model-Based Systems Engineering, to effectively plan and manage the integration and testing phase of complex electronic and electrical systems, including test rig development.  We are able to customise test schedules to suit your needs, including full provision for the accessibility of both functionality and data through custom front-end Graphical User Interfaces, delivering efficient, detailed, yet simple to use investigative simulations and physical testing.  We are fully able to support electrification on multiple levels within the development and testing process, and have in-house hands-on expertise in using industry established tools, including: Vector CANalyzer, CANape, MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink, Mentor Graphics EDA and Connectivity, and NI LabView etc. to name a few.

Furthermore, we have the ability to virtualise external systems, such Battery Management Systems and Vehicle Control Units, to verify full powertrain performance, functionality and efficiency requirements.  We can incorporate the test features and supervisory software solutions required to meet your needs.

We can help you to develop your endeavours in the field of electrification system integration and testing, including test rig design. Find out more in our Design Services pages and get in touch.

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