Model Based Systems Engineering

Software Intensive Systems and Model Based Design

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Electrification requires the use of software intensive systems which can be challenging to design and manage. Fortunately, the application of Systems Engineering techniques can help manage the complexity and ensures the optimum solution, while embedding Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) within the workflow increases the efficiency of information transfer between various stakeholders and improves both the quality and fidelity of the data.

At Romax we have fully embraced modern digital design methods underpinned by MBSE and industry standard tools including MathWorks, MSC, Ansys, 3DS and Vector, supporting several layers of dynamic modelling fidelity capability in order to deliver different aspects of our development processes and product, including: rapid system-level design and requirements validation, prompt subsystem concept down-selection, and detailed component level simulation and testing. Through this process and toolchain we are able to continually assess the design maturity: validating the requirements through simulation, verifying that the design solution is fit for purpose, will meet its requirements and ensuring the correct behavioural response from the real system when it is rig tested and integrated into its end-application.

We are able to model multi-domain cyber physical systems and complex control and instrumentation systems, for a number of electrification sectors including: Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Power and Process Automation, furthermore, we are able to identify, mitigate and manage cyber and safety hazards within the system solution through defence-in-depth resilient system-architecting and detailed fault/threat simulation and injection, including electronic hardware and code analysis, supported via independent and diverse inspection where required to do so to ensure integrity levels are maintained.

Below is an example of a multi-domain physical system being modelled: a multispeed battery electric vehicle transmission accelerating through gears under simulated load, which was successfully correlated to actual test data – supporting Right First Time delivery:

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