The symbiosis between model-based systems engineering and parametric modelling

The symbiosis between model-based systems engineering and parametric modelling

Jack Sandiford, 

Electrification has led to design teams becoming more multi-disciplinary than ever. Effective management of knowledge and data is now even more crucial for the success of a design team. Techniques and practices underpinned by systems engineering are rapidly being adopted by automotive and aerospace in order to address these challenges.

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and parametric modelling go together hand-in-hand. Concept design tools play an essential role in activating model-based practices, and enabling designers to achieve efficient and powerful design solutions.

At Romax, we have redeveloped and expanded our design processes with these very practices in mind. Our investment into our design processes has reimbursed Romax with a significant leap forward in the design of electrified propulsion systems. We discuss the deployment of systems engineering and model-based design at Romax in further detail in our previous blog post, titled “Software Intensive Systems and Model Based Design”. 

Romax Concept provides powerful parametric modelling that gives accurate simulation results within timescales that are orders of magnitudes shorter than high-fidelity FE analysis. By leveraging Romax Concept throughout the design process, rapid simulation and verification of potential design solutions can be achieved.

Fast model building and quick assessments of design variations allow the user to swiftly explore the total design space and hone in on the best design solutions available.

As the design space is whittled down through incremental design decisions, the components in your Romax Concept model evolve from ‘loading’, to ‘concept’, to ‘detailed’. Concept supports designers to deliver a product definition that meets the needs of both stakeholders and the end-users, backed up by step-by-step verification and validation.

For designers interested in the smart flow and smart management of customer requirements and design functionality, we strongly recommend model-based systems engineering and a parametric modelling tool such as Romax Concept. Utilising the two together will supercharge your design unit.

See for yourself the drag-and-drop design capabilities of Concept, and apply for a free trial here.

Romax can help you to transition to a strong electrified design unit from our experience with advanced model-based design and simulation engineering. Find out more in our Design Services pages and get in touch.

Jack Sandiford joined Romax Technology in 2018 after attaining a Masters in Physics from the University of Nottingham. At the start of his time here, Jack supported Romax’s investment into electrification through the development of EV concept design tools. Afterwards, he supported multiple R&D and consultancy projects for the design and analysis of powertrains in aerospace and automotive. Jack’s current focus has been the innovation of systems and processes used by Romax’s Design Services.