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eBook: ePowertrain by Design

To our collective benefit, sustainability has become widely accepted in the mainstream and is now tracked as a strategic initiative by many publicly-traded firms. The tides have turned over the past two decades, and we all have an opportunity to change the trajectory of the environment and our world through our behaviours and the technologies we embrace. Sustainability has many facets, but ubiquitous to many of those is electrification.

Hexagon is proud to be one of the leading providers of simulation technology driving the electrification of transportation, with a focus on achieving higher efficiencies and lower emissions, thereby improving our prospects for a sustainable future. Virtual prototyping through optimal use of CAE technologies aimed at attributes like efficiency, durability, and NVH help engineering organizations tackle current challenges and accelerate innovation. Part of the Hexagon product portfolio, Romax provides multi-attribute tools for developing and simulating electro-mechanical drive systems, the heart of any electric vehicle.

In this eBook, we’ll explore how market leaders leverage these technologies to do what they do best. Companies like Valeo, GKN, and Hyundai WIA are featured as proof points of what can be accomplished by partnering with us as you endeavour to innovate in the field of eMobility. With the entire supply chain in mind and a broad portfolio of best-in- class in-house and partner technologies, we stand ready to work with you and take that next step towards an electric, more sustainable future.

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