Gear Design & Analysis In The Context of The Full Powertrain System Using Romax Enduro

Date: , 15:00-15:45 IST

Presented by: Amol Korde, Head Software & Consultancy Group, Romax Technology

Gear design experts need specialised tools at their fingertips. However, these are of limited use on their own, without accurate consideration of system deflections and interactions.

To meet the ever-evolving demands of this diverse client base, Romax have continually pioneered new and innovative ways to ensure drive system durability is never compromised. Romax Enduro is the embodiment, building on the legacy of the ahead-of-its-time-RomaxDesigner.

Romax Enduro is an electro-mechanical drive system simulation tool that is easy to use, fast to run, trusted and validated in numerous different applications. It sits at the heart of our continuously improving platform that promotes collaboration, technology advancement and innovation.

Romax Enduro offers further methods for a more flexible and detailed gear design process, such as batch running (enabling design and optimisation of multiple gear sets simultaneously), parametric studies, tolerancing and sensitivity studies, and the ability to add further detail such as micro-geometry.

In this webinar we present a powerful combination of tools for gear design throughout the development process: from early stage design indication in Romax Concept through to advanced, parametric and flexible system modelling in Romax Enduro.

What you will learn:

  • How Romax Enduro can be used as powerful standalone gear design software tools
  • Ways in which Romax’s gear design capabilities could improve your design processes, and the quality of your end product
  • How Romax’s full system approach provides a critical context for designing robust gears whilst meeting whole system performance criteria.
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