Romax reaches over 100 partners & supported products

At Romax, with over 100 official partners and supported products, we are determined to develop a broad and expansive partner ecosystem for the mutual benefit of our users and partners.

The concept of partnerships and alliances is not new. Countries and nations have been forming alliances for thousands of years, often when their values and beliefs align. In the highly competitive markets of the twenty-first century, businesses face increasing pressure to stay ahead of the curve whilst delivering high quality service to their customers at competitive prices. This is made even more challenging due to constant technological advancements and innovations allowing new competitors to enter and disrupt markets like never before. Many companies are finding partnerships and alliances an attractive way to combat these challenges and Romax partners are aware that together we can share knowledge, cultivate development and extend our influence in markets that will benefit from our collaboration.

The ultimate benefactors of Romax forging partnerships with like-minded organisations are its end users. Working within Romax’s ecosystem puts the cutting-edge technology of Romax’s partner solutions at users’ fingertips, providing limitless ways to bring high quality products to market. These powerful solutions each offer unique capabilities, yet bond together tightly to form a true ecosystem, allowing users to build integrated, multi-faceted workflows that are genuinely seamless.

Partnerships empower users to make significant improvements in their design and development process and crucially reduce time to market. It’s imperative for Romax software to work with other software packages on the market and we strive to slot effortlessly into an established process. Collaborating with key industry players not only creates a stronger workflow, it also allows Romax to spend more of our time focusing on the challenges the industry is facing. The global reach of our strategic partnerships and alliances programme means we can work with other companies, system integrators, government agencies, universities and supply or tool chain partners to share best practices and establish a presence in every region.

This unique ecosystem is categorised into software partners, industrial research partners and academic partners.

Ultimately, having over 100 partners and supported products means organisations can develop the right product, at the right time, for the right people with Romax at the heart of workflow. Moreover, with the high demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, new challenges have emerged for driveline designers. After generating decades of knowledge and experience of internal combustion engines, interactions that occur within electro-mechanical systems are relatively unknown and pose fresh challenges for engineers.

To help designers face these challenges, Romax have extended our state-of-the-art engineering approach to electric drive systems, chiefly by partnering with electromagnetic FEA providers. Experience has shown that analysing the electricand mechanical components in isolation can be misleading, leading to incorrect decisions. For us, therefore, integration has been key. With Romax software, moving between electromagnetic and mechanical simulation is easy, with a combined physics simulation methodology to target failure mechanisms that the Romax electrification community recognise as critical issues. Thanks to our electrification FEA partners, including MDL, Dassault (formerly Dassault Opera), JSOL, Altair Flux, ANSYS Maxwell, and Infologic, Romax have made this integrated simulation approach a reality. Ultimately, our partnerships benefit our clients by placing us at the heart of an inter-connected ecosystem which supports their design and development processes and enables improved communication and collaboration, faster and more robust data exchange, and increased opportunities to innovate and improve product quality.

To find out more about the benefits of joining our ecosystem, contact our Partnership Management Specialist, Sam Wade at or visit