2019 has been a year of Milestones!

Dec 2019

We began the year by celebrating our 30th anniversary. Over the years we have transformed the way we do business, the markets we reach and the solutions we provide. However, our commitment to world-leading, R&D rich, innovative solutions and our uncompromised IP-led creations, has never changed.

We then swiftly moved into our Global Summit series, which saw over 40 regional employees from our global offices coming together at Wollaton Hall to celebrate the achievements of the company. We had a further 8 summits in 6 different countries around the globe, from Japan and the US, to Paris and Hangzhou, which welcomed 685 attendees and 35 presenting partners and customers.

2019 wasn’t all celebrating though. It was a busy year fuelled by the most significant change our simulation offerings have seen, since their creation.

In the Summer, we announced Romax Nexus and its six products.

Our drive to continually innovate and push the forefront of technological exploration led us to introduce Romax Nexus: the most complete simulation platform for engineering the next generation of electro-mechanical drive systems.

Under the umbrella of Romax Nexus are six products: Concept, Enduro, Spectrum, Energy, Spin, Evolve. All of these applications are poised to uniquely address specific customer problems, but they can also be used in any combination, to deliver next generation powertrain optimisation.

We also had our fair share of successful workshops.

Our NVH workshop was a free event held in Sweden for 40 eager attendees, focused on the simulation of NVH for CAE-led design of electro-mechanical drive systems. The event was such a success, another was put on in Ludwigsburg in November.

We held our First Dedicated E-motor summit as we further our expansion into the electrification industry. Gathering Romax experts from both Japan and the UK, the summit focused on the design of an electrical machine and drivetrain development and showed how our state-of-the-art tools can be integrated into a CAE-led complete process.

This serves as a direct reflection of our eDRIVE Solution, providing revolutionary knowledge and understanding of mechanical and electrical system interactions for our forward-thinking customers. Both events further represent our new breed of workshops, that are uniquely tailored to, and welcomed by, industry experts.

2019 saw our number of active partnerships soar above and beyond 100. The drive to build so many extensive partnerships benefits our clients by placing us at the heart of an interconnected ecosystem. Working in the centre of the Romax web puts the cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. We support your design and development process and enable improved communication and collaboration; faster and more robust data exchange, and increased opportunity to innovate and improve product quality.

As a global company we’ve continued to grow, taking on 51 new permanent employees this year!

Our I&R (Innovation and Research) department champion activities that begin as research and develop them across the company, feeding them into eDRIVE and software; providing significant enhancements to the company’s growing electrification activities and newly released software products. The team began the year with two externally funded projects: Innovate UK projects, IMPACT and EDISON. IMPACT saw a successful completion in 2019 and EDISON activities have progressed well. We are finishing the year after winning and starting a new Clean Sky 2 project and winning another Innovate UK part-funded project as well as an additional Clean Sky 2 project. Innovation and Research is therefore expecting a busy and fruitful 2020!

For 30 years we have paved the way for the next generation of technology in emerging markets and this year has been no different. Our ethos as a company has always been to Empower, Collaborate and Innovate, and we look forward to taking this even further in 2020.