romax covid-19

A COVID-19 update

Together we are facing an unprecedented time. A time which is affecting us all, and everything that we do. During this difficult period, we felt it was important to update you on how we are responding to the situation here at Romax Technology.

We are taking the developing COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and closely monitoring the fluid nature of this issue, to ensure our business practices are aligned with government guidelines and therefore, implementing the necessary preventative measures to slow down the COVID-19 spread.

What measures are Romax taking to protect its employees and reduce the overall risk of spread?

The health and safety of our employees, our customers, and their families, are of the utmost importance to us. Across the world, all employees are making the transition to working from home. A transition that so far, has run smoothly, therefore, enabling us to continue to provide the highest level of customer support you have become accustomed to.

In addition to this, we’re harnessing the power of digital communications to further ensure business continuity is upheld. We’re postponing some of our in-person events while turning others into virtual events, and hosting internal and external meetings, digitally.

How is Romax contributing to the business continuity of its customers?

We understand that your requirements and circumstances are also likely to change but rest assured, Romax remains committed to supporting you in any which way we can. To accommodate our customers working remotely, Romax will provide temporary licenses, free of charge, to be reviewed as necessary. Just speak to your Romax contact and they’ll be happy to help.

In addition to this, we would like to offer our customers a 1 month free trial of any of our other products, Concept, Enduro, Energy, Spectrum, Spin or Evolve. This will include a complimentary 1-hour online training session from one of our experts. Furthermore, for any Licence or Software Maintenance Support agreement in place with site restrictions, that would normally not permit remote working beyond a server range (Site/LAN, Regional/CAN) these restrictions will be waived for the period of 18th March 2020 to 31st May 2020 unless otherwise communicated at a later date.

Finally, in addition to software support, our engineers will continue to work on all out-sourced projects to minimize any project deliveries or gateways.

During this period of disruption, we are reminded of how connected we really are. We will continue to be your partner and persevere through this testing time together.

From all of us here at Romax Technology, stay safe and take care of each other.