A GLOBAL ISSUE: Why Romax are putting energy into their electro-mechanical design

The rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO₂) are of significant concern to modern society. The utilisation of fossil fuels poses a huge threat to our global footprint and the only way to limit the most damaging impacts of climate change is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

CO₂ is one of the major challenges facing today’s society and Romax is proud to be in what is probably a unique position in tackling the problem from multiple directions. Our work on wind, wave and tidal energy has focussed on taking carbon out of energy production whilst our work on electric vehicles and optimisation of drivelines for efficiency reduces the carbon in energy consumption.

Being able to consider both the electrical and mechanical within the drivetrain is a significant challenge, but provides massive benefits within the design process. Romax software allows analysis of complete electric mechanical systems noise/vibration response to gear and electrical machine excitations. Users can improve performance of the drivetrain by identifying at the earliest possible opportunity any issues that otherwise would only be found later in the design process, when resolving issues costs more in both development time and money.

Considering the electro-mechanical interactions within the driveline is a game-changer for the industry. Coupled with increasingly stringent targets, and an ever-knowing population that is mindful of its carbon footprint, it seems that creating electric drivetrain options is the only way to go for many industries.

Now that technology advancements have been proven within the EV industry, they should quickly be adopted by other like-minded industries, such as marine, rail and eventually aerospace.

To read the article in more detail, please visit https://romaxtech.com/transmission-magazine-vol-4/ which you can find on page 4.

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